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Movie Titles Starting with B

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B-Minor (TBA) Drama

B.B. King and I (TBA) Drama

B.F.F. (TBA) Comedy

Babar the Elephant (TBA) Adventure

Babe in the Woods (TBA) Action

Babel (2006) Drama

Babies (2010) Documentary

Baby Driver (TBA) Action

Baby Mama (2008) Comedy

Baby on Board (2009) Comedy

Babylon (TBA) Drama

Babylon A.D. (2008) Action

Babysitter Wanted (TBA) Thriller

Bachelor Boys (TBA) Drama

Bachelor Party Vegas (TBA) Comedy

Bachelorette (2012) Comedy

Back in the Day (2014) Comedy

Back Magick (TBA) Comedy

Back Roads (TBA) Drama

Back to Africa (TBA) Comedy

Back to America (TBA) Comedy

Back to School (TBA) Comedy

Backmask (TBA) Thriller

Backstabbers (TBA) Thriller

Backwards (2012) Romance

Backwoods (TBA) Drama

Backyard Resistance (TBA) Drama

Bad Ass (2012) Drama

Bad Blood and Trouble (TBA) Thriller

Bad Boys II (2003) Action

Bad Boys III (TBA) Action

Bad Dogs (TBA) Comedy

Bad Education (2004) Drama

Bad Father (TBA) Comedy

Bad Girls (TBA) Thriller

Bad Hair Day (TBA) Comedy

Bad Johnson (2014) Comedy

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