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F***ing Engaged (TBA) Comedy

Fables (TBA) Drama

Fabulous Nobodies (TBA) Adaptation

Face (2005) Drama

Faces of Death (TBA) Thriller

Facing the Wind (TBA) Drama

Factor X (TBA) Drama

Factory Girl (2007) Drama

Factotum (2006) Drama

Fade (TBA) Fantasy

Fade to Black (2004) Documentary

Fadeout (TBA) Drama

Fading Gigolo (2014) Comedy

Fading of the Cries (2011) Fantasy

Fae (TBA) Drama

Fahrenheit 451 (TBA) Drama

Fahrenheit 911 (2004) Drama

Failan (TBA) Drama

Failure to Launch (2006) Comedy

Fair Game (2010) Drama

Fairyland (TBA) Adaptation

Faith Buffalo (TBA) Comedy

Falcon Song (2014) Western

Falcon's Tale (TBA) Action

Fall Down Dead (2009) Thriller

Fall From Grace (TBA) Drama

Fallen (2015) Drama

Falling Awake (2010) Drama

Falling Overnight (2012) Drama

Falling Slowly (TBA) Drama

Fallout (TBA) Drama

Fame (2009) Drama

Family Bond (TBA) Adventure

Family Circus (TBA) Comedy

Family Dude (TBA) Comedy

Family Getaway (TBA) Action

Family Guy Movie (TBA) Comedy

Family History (TBA) Adventure

Family Jewels (TBA) Comedy

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