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Hack Attack (TBA) Drama

Hack/Slash (TBA) Action

Hackers Gone Wild (TBA) Drama

Hadewijch (2010) Drama

Hail Caeser (2016) Comedy

Hail to the Thief (TBA) Adventure

Hair of the Dog (TBA) Thriller

Hair Show (2004) Comedy

Hairbrained (2014) Comedy

Hairspray (2007) Comedy

Hairspray 2 (TBA) Comedy

Half Brother (TBA) Drama

Half Nelson (2006) Drama

Half of a Yellow Sun (TBA) Drama

Half Truth (TBA) Comedy

Half-Life (TBA) Action

Hall Pass (2011) Comedy

Halloween (2007) Suspense

Halloween (2012) Suspense

Halloween 3D (TBA) Sequel

Halloween II (2009) Sequel

Halo (TBA) Action

Hamlet (TBA) Thriller

Hamlet 2 (2008) Comedy

Hammer of the Gods (2013) Action

Hancock (2008) Drama

Hancock 2 (TBA) Action

Hands of Stone (TBA) Drama

Hands on a Hard Body (TBA) Drama

Handsome Harry (2010) Drama

Hank and Mike (TBA) Comedy

Hank the Cowdog (TBA) Animation

Hanna (2011) Drama

Hannah Arendt (2013) Drama

Hannibal (TBA) Drama

Hannibal Rising (2007) Thriller

Hansel and Gretel (TBA) Drama

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