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S.W.A.T. (2003) Action

S1m0ne (2002) Drama

Sabbatical (TBA) Drama

Sabotage (TBA) Action

Sabotage (2014) Drama

Sacrifice (TBA) Thriller

Sacrifice (2012) Drama

Sacrilege (TBA) Suspense

Sad Jack (TBA) Action

Safe (2012) Action

Safe Haven (2013) Drama

Safe House (2012) Action

Safe House 2 (TBA) Action

Safety Last (TBA) Comedy

Safety Not Guaranteed (2012) Comedy

Sagittarius (TBA) Thriller

Sahara (2005) Action

Saint Mary's (TBA) Horror

Saint Ralph (2005) Drama

Sal (2013) Drama

Salinger (2013) Documentary

Salisbury (TBA) Adventure

Salsa (TBA) Romance

Salt (2010) Drama

Salt 2 (TBA) Action

Salt of This Sea (2010) Drama

Salty (TBA) Drama

Salvation Boulevard (2011) Drama

Sam and George (TBA) Drama

Sam's Story (TBA) Comedy

Samaritan (TBA) Drama

Samarkand (TBA) Documentary

Same Time, Next Year (TBA) Comedy

Sammy (TBA) Comedy

Samsara (2003) Drama

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