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U.N. Me (2011) Documentary

U2 3D (2008) Musical

Ubik (TBA) Drama

Udaan (2010) Drama

Uglies (TBA) Adventure

Ugly Americans (TBA) Drama

Ugly But I Like You (TBA) Indie

Uglydoll (TBA) Comedy

Ultraviolet (2006) Action

Umbra (TBA) Thriller

Umbrella Academy (TBA) Action

Unaccompanied Minors (2006) Drama

Unbound Captives (TBA) Drama

Unbroken (2014) Drama

Uncertainty (2009) Drama

Uncharted (2016) Action

Uncle Charlie (TBA) Suspense

Uncle Kent (TBA) Comedy

Unconditional (2012) Drama

Undateable (TBA) Romantic Comedy

Undead (2005) Fantasy

Undefeated (2012) Documentary

Under and Alone (TBA) Drama

Under Cover (TBA) Comedy

Under New Management (TBA) Comedy

Under Our Skin (TBA) Documentary

Under Siege 3 (TBA) Drama

Under the Bed (TBA) Thriller

Under the Bed (2013) Thriller

Under the Bridge (TBA) Drama

Under The Same Moon (2008) Drama

Under the Sea 3D (2009) Documentary

Under the Skin (2014) Action

Under the Tuscan Sun (2003) Drama

Under Your Bed (TBA) Adventure

Underage (TBA) Comedy

Underclassman (2005) Comedy

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