The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate

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Jet Li
Chow Wai On

Kun Chen
Yu Hua Tian

Marvis Fan
Su Huirong

2 hours, 2 minutes

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The film picks up three years after the disappearance of the enigmatic innkeeper Jade and the massive fire that consumed the Inn. A new Dragon Inn has risen from the ashes, staffed by a band of marauders. Masquerading as law-abiding citizens by day, they use the cover of night to continue their true calling as fortune hunters. For legend says that the Dragon Inn is the site of a lost city buried in the desert--and a treasure that spans dynasties hidden deep within. official plot version from

Additional Notes

  • As one of the defining stories of the wuxia genre, the saga of the Dragon Gate Inn has already been the source material for two classic martial arts films.