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It's not The Hills...

In Movie Theaters:Friday, August 2, 2013      
On DVD:Tuesday, November 26, 2013
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. . . Tara
. . . Christian
. . . Gina
. . . Caitlin

. . . Dr. Campbell
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for content including graphic nudity, language throughout, a bloody crime scene and brief drug use.


Documents five twenty-somethings' quest for power, love, sex and success in 2012 Hollywood.

Christian is a young LA trust-fund dude with casual rich-kid ties to moviemaking--he's financing a horror film simply to keep his dad off his back about doing something with his life. Christian has been dating Tara for about a year--she was an aspiring actress/model who settled down with Christian when the reality of the business became apparent to her. She's now just Christian's bored plaything. Christian's assistant Gina is producing the film for him and casting it with assistance from Tara. Gina is pushing Ryan, her boyfriend and struggling actor, for the lead in the horror movie Christian is producing. Unbeknownst to either Christian or Gina: Ryan and Tara were a couple three years ago. When Ryan came back into Tara's life during the auditions for the movie, they reignited their affair. But Christian, a dangerous control-freak, finds out about the affair and starts playing cruel mind games with both Tara and Ryan, which escalate into an act of bloody violence.

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Funded by a campaign on kickstarter.com.

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