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Production: Filming the movie as of November 5, 2012. Filmed in and around Santa Fe and Albuquerque during October 2012.  Have an update? Send it in!

Shooting Locations: Santa Fe, New Mexico, US; Albuquerque, New Mexico, US

In Movie Theaters:To Be Announced (TBA)      
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Follows a 9-year old creative, sensitive, and apprehensive girl who is devastated when her bestfriend comes back from summer camp with another best friend. She learns that the school has suspended allextracurricular activities. A big fundraiser is organized to bring back the activities to the school. Hermisunderstandings with her peers, plus an accident that sidelines her beloved grandmother, stand in the way ofher goals. Fortunately, over the course of the story, she gains confidence in herself, embraces change, andlearns how to express her true feelings all attributes that lead her to resounding success and renewedfriendships.

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