Island Of Lemurs: Madagascar

Madagascar 3D

Friday, April 4, 2014 LimitedIMAX, IMAX 3D
Friday, August 22, 2014 LimitedIMAX 3D

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G General Audiences

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Captured with IMAX 3D cameras, Island of Lemurs: Madagascar takes audiences on a spectacular journey to the remote and wondrous world of Madagascar. Lemurs arrived in Madagascar as castaways millions of years ago and evolved into hundreds of diverse species but are now highly endangered. official plot version from

Additional Notes

  • The film reunites narrator Morgan Freeman with Drew Fellman, who also wrote and produced the 2011 IMAX 3D documentary Born to Be Wild 3D, and director David Douglas, who served as director of photography on that film.
  • Island of Lemurs: Madagascar features trailblazing scientist Dr. Patricia C. Wright, an expert on lemurs and the wildlife of Madagascar. Wright is also a Professor of Anthropology at Stony Brook University and Founder of Centre ValBio, a research campus in the rainforest of Madagascar.