Snow Queen

Snow Queen Snezhnaya koroleva

On Demand (VOD)
MPAA Rating
PG for mild action, rude humor and brief language.
1 hour, 20 minutes


The ice-cold Snow Queen wishes to turn the world into a frozen landscape, with no light, no joy, no happiness, and no free will. A young man, Kai, is rumored to be the son of a man who is the queen’s only remaining threat. He is abducted and held captive in the queen’s palace, and it’s up to his sister, Gerda, to rescue him. Gerda journeys across an icy land, facing difficult obstacles and meeting wonderful new friends that help her in her quest to set Kai free, defeat the Snow Queen, and save the world from eternal frost. official plot version from

Additional Notes

  • Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen.