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Centers on British art curator Harry Deane (Colin Firth) who devises a finely-crafted scheme to con England's richest man and avid art collector, Lionel Shabandar (Alan Rickman), into purchasing a fake Monet painting. In order to bait his buyer, he recruits a Texas rodeo queen (Cameron Diaz) to cross the pond and pose as a woman whose grandfather liberated the painting at the end of WWII.
The story revolves around a British thief who comes up with a fool-proof plan to steal an expensive statue from one of the richest men in the world. His strategy involves the participation of a beautiful woman (Aniston) who happens to be the spitting image of the rich man's late wife. However, nothing goes as planned.
Harry Dean's plan to steal a statue from one of the world's richest men is missing one final component—the participation of a beautiful woman to act as his gambit. In Nicole, he meets someone who appears to be the perfect candidate, but Harry himself becomes enraptured with her, causing his plan to take a series of wrong turns.

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