Battle Angel

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Concept: No reported activity; release likely many years away (if ever). James Cameron said he'll be busy with Avatar sequels through 2015, but he still wants to direct Battle Angel

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TBA | Fantasy Adventure

In the 26th century, a female cyborg is rescued from the scrapheap by a scientist. more

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James Cameron
Laeta Kalogridis


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In the 26th century, a female cyborg is rescued from the scrapheap by a scientist. Set in a bleak, ravaged place called the Scrapyard under the floating sky city of Tiphares, this is the story of the relationship between Doc Ido, a cyborg physician, and the damaged robot, Alita, whose 300-year-old head he finds in a scrap pile. At first after Dic Udi rebuilds her body from spare parts, she has amnesia, but when Doc Ido is able to reconstruct more of her body and circuitry, Alita remembers that he is programmed with the "Panzer Kunst," the most dangerous cyborg fighting style. Together, Alita and Ido set out to discover the secrets of her past, as she takes on work as a bounty hunter for the Factory (the support organization for the city above), eliminating Scrap Iron City's most dangerous criminals.

Production Notes

  • The film will take two years to make and will include about 1,500 visual effects shots. There will be CG characters and live-action characters. The film is based on a series of graphic novels done by a Japanese artist called Kishiro.

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