The Dallas Buyers Club

Dare to live.

On Blu-ray & DVD

Jennifer Garner
Dr. Eve Saks

Denis O'Hare
Dr. Sevard

MPAA Rating
R for pervasive language, some strong sexual content, nudity and drug use.


In 1986, Ron Woodroof, a tough Texas electrician, is diagnosed with AIDS and is given six months to live. Frustrated with the lack of available medical options and unwilling to accept a death sentence, Woodroof finds a lifeline using alternative drugs and creates a lucrative smuggling business that makes the drugs available to AIDS patients. Woodroof dies in 1992.

Additional Notes

  • Based on a true story.
  • Jared Leto would play a flamboyant cross-dresser with HIV who helps Woodroof. At one point, Gael Garcia Bernal circled the role but never reached the dealmaking stage.