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The Legend Ends

Batman 3 Dark Knight Sequel Magnus Rex Fox Hills Green

Does Batman / Bruce Wayne die in this film?

(Asker) - 122 weeks ago

This is a popular question, but clearly one that involves spoilers and plot secrets that should not be available until the movie comes out.

-Jason - 121 weeks ago


-UnknownInsider - 100 weeks ago

no, batman pretends to die when he goes to the stomic bomb.He pretends to die cause he wants to retire from being a hero, so he gives the young cop his powers and the cop has his own movie of robin coming in 2013

-UnknownInsider - 84 weeks ago

no, he pretends to die by the atomic bomb cause he wants to retire. and the young cop gets batmans powers cause batman gives them to him and robin aka the young cop is gonna have his own movie of robin in 2013 called "the dark wing"

-UnknownInsider - 84 weeks ago

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