Sam's Story

Status: Development As of November 21, 2009

Development: Scripting, budgeting, casting, planning, as of November 21, 2009.  Have an update? Send Update

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Sam is the quintessential London party girl; great looks, friends and a string of ever-so-eligible boyfriends. Settling down and having kids has never been on her radar, and the only function performed by her biological clock is to remind her to take the pill. However, when she hits thirty and accepts a temping job at a publishing firm, Sam falls in love with Jason, her cool, intelligent, handsome boss. Unbeknownst to Sam, though, Jason is also a single father to the adorable Charlie. Sam, who doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body, and Jason, a loving father, fall madly in love. But will Sam be able to adapt to Jason’s reality? Will Jason adapt to Sam’s? And why is Sam feeling all hormonal?