J. Edgar

The Most Powerful Man In The World
J. Edgar Hoover Hoover

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 in 7 theaters
November 11, 2011 in 1,910 theaters
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Leonardo DiCaprio
J. Edgar Hoover

Armie Hammer
Clyde Tolson

Damon Herriman
Bruno Hauptmann

Ed Westwick
Agent Smith

Naomi Watts
Helen Gandy

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MPAA Rating
R for brief strong language.


In 1935, J. Edgar Hoover forms the FBI and makes it an efficient crime-fighting organization — in part by harassing dissenters and building secret files on politicians. Hoover also fights the gangster wars in the ’30s and, later, the Mafia. He remains the FBI's director until his death in 1972.