Paradise Untitled Diablo Cody Project All Is Lost and Paradise Lamb of God

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the official version from on August 24, 2013
After a nearly fatal accident, 21-year-old Lamb Mannerheim (Julianne Hough) is beginning to realize that the world is much bigger than her small, God-fearing Montana town. Armed with a big, fat insurance payout and a checklist of untried sins, there’s only one place for her first taste of temptation… Las Vegas! Now this wide-eyed, innocent girl will have to navigate the bright lights, seedy bars and dark alleys of “Sin City.” And, with the help of a few new friends (Russell Brand and Octavia Spencer), Lamb just might survive her strange adventure and discover what it means to really live.
from on June 29, 2011
A young conservative religious woman loses her faith after a plane crash, decides to go to Las Vegas to live the life of a sinner, and on her journey finds her way back to her faith.

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1 hours,26 minutes

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January 2012:
Las Vegas, Nevada, United States