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Development: Producers select story and/or acquire rights to underlying intellectual property (e.g. novel, based on play, remake, video game, etc.) and work with screenwriter(s) to craft a story outline into a workable script. in an effort to garner a “greenlight” for the film from the financing studio and/or production company. An agreement for a major star or director to join the film can boost a project's prospects of securing financing, but those arrangements can reverse if scheduling and other details do not work. Films in this stage can languish for months, years, or fall apart completely.

Edgardo MortaraTBA

The story of Mortara, who became a high-ranking priest in the Augustinian order.

Isle of ManTBA

An American motorcycle racer comes out of retirement to compete in a dangerous race, the famed Isle of Man TT, near the Irish Sea.

Where Hands TouchTBA

Set in World War II, a biracial German teen (Amandla Stenberg) begins a friendship with a member of the Hitler youth (George MacKay).

Riot GirlsTBA

Set in a world where adults have mysteriously died and resources are scarce with a teenage girl called to action when her brother is captured by rivals and set to be executed.

Drugs, Lies, and the Terrorizing of a PTA MomTBA

A PTA President named Kelli Peters is framed from drug possession by a set of parents. Peters is arrested and investigated but the truth eventually comes out and, after a five-year ordeal, she wins a $5.7 million-dollar civil judgment against the couple.

Septillion To OneTBA

An over-zealous former FBI agent, who has been relegated to the fraud unit of the Texas State Lottery, begins investigating a beautiful and shrewd woman who had inexplicably defied all odds and hit the lottery jackpot three times. He realizes the odds are over one in a billion for this to happen, c... more

Wolf BoysTBA

Two American teens are recruited as killers for a Mexican cartel. They are pursed by a Mexican-American detective who realizes the War on Drugs is unwinnable.

Monkey MasterTBA

Set in ancient and modern day China and India, monkey warriors come together in the creation of a modern day superhero.


A ghost tale.


A couple undergoes an experimental fertility treatment that turns them into bloodthirsty savages, leading them on a desperate quest to find a cure.

Zita The SpacegirlTBA

Zita leaps to the rescue when her best friend is abducted by an alien doomsday cult. Along the way, she faces humanoid chickens, ancient prophecies, doomed planets, and a mystery man who takes a secret interest in her myriad of quests.

Endurance: My Year in SpaceTBA

Scoff Kelly struggles as a C- student but then later trains as a Navy test pilot. His highly competitive nature drives both he and his identical twin brother, Mark, as they both become astronauts. Scott becomes a pioneering NASA astronaut by spending 340 days in space aboard the International Space... more

The Toxic AvengerTBA

The tale of a high-school kid who gets dunked in a vat of toxic waste by a corrupt chemical company. He survives the ordeal with one major side effect: upon contact with toxic chemicals, he transforms into a monster with superhuman strength. Arnold Schwarzenegger would play “the Exterminator,” a... more


An English-language remake of the classic tale of Hua Mulan, the legendary young heroine soldier who joins an all-male army.


Set in post-WWI England, George Mallory, an English mountaineer, attempts to scale Everest. He and his climbing partner disappear in 1924 -- only 800 feet from the summit before clouds close in on them both.

All Star WeekendTBA

Two good friends find themselves rooting for players of rival basketball teams. One man will be an ardent supporter of Kobe Bryant and the other LeBron James.

The Hit CharadeTBA

The life story of Lou Pearlman, the former multiplatinum boy band manager-turned-convicted felon.


When two unrelated deaths happen on a college campus, a betting pool is set up to figure out who will die next, because deaths always come in threes (similar to that celebrity death myth). However, when a student wins the pool, murderous consequences merge.


Since the beginning of time, an epic battle has waged between humans and ghostly forces of evil, and only the spell of a powerful canine warrior can keep the spirits at bay. When the spell begins to weaken, S.C.O.O.B. – an elite group of heroes comprised of the most beloved Hanna-Barbera character... more


September 21, 2018

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Set during World War II, a career officer is finally given command of a Navy destroyer and along with the enemy fights his self doubts and personal demons to prove he belongs.