Movies in Development

Status: Development

Development: Producers typically work with screenwriters to craft a story outline into a workable script in an effort to garner a “greenlight” for the film from the financing studio/production company. An agreement for a major star or director to join the film can boost a movie's prospects of securing financing, but those arrangements can reverse if scheduling and other details do not work. Films in this stage can languish for months, years, or fall apart completely.

Untitled Amy Schumer ProjectTBA

A mother-daughter duo are trapped in a vacation gone wrong.


A live-action romantic comedy with the mischievous nature of the Tinkerbell character.

Mermaids in ParadiseTBA

Tells the story of a couple who discover the existence of mermaids while celebrating their marriage in a tropical paradise and work to prevent the mermaids’ reef from being turned into a theme park.

It Comes At NightTBA

A father will stop at nothing to protect his wife and son from a malevolent, mysterious presence terrorizing them right outside their doorstep.

To Be Announced (TBA)



A lovable oddball finds a place to belong among the bizarre and ridiculous world of "do-it-yourself countries," inhabited by a motley crew of eccentrics and visionaries who have declared their own backyards sovereign nations or "micronations." He soon finds himself recruited as head of defense for t... more


Betty Robinson sets an unofficial world record in the 100-meter at the age of 16. At the 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam, running in just her fourth official 100-meter race, Robinson wins gold — the first gold medal awarded to a woman in track and field at the Olympics. In 1931, tragedy strikes when Ro... more

The Longings of Jende JongaTBA

Jonga, a West African, finds a job as a chauffeur for a high level executive at Lehman Brothers. Jonga's wife is hired by the executive's wife and the family become close. But Jonga's life in America takes an incredibly challenging turn when the 2008 financial meltdown happens.

The Princess of North SudanTBA

An American dad's daughter asks if she would ever be a real princess. The question sets the man on a search for a region in the world that is disputed, eventually finding a territory in Africa named Bir Tawil, an area between Egypt and Sudan. In June of 2014, he flies to the area, plants a flag and,... more

The New MutantsTBA

A new group of teenaged mutant superheroes train at the Xavier Institute.

The CraftTBA

School students use the dark arts to settle scores and resolve their personal issues. Eventually, black magic tears the group apart.

A Meyers Thanksgiving2016

An estranged family faces their first Thanksgiving together since the death of the family matriarch.

TBA, 2016


Early ManTBA

Set at the dawn of time when dinosaurs and wooly mammoths roam the earth, a plucky caveman unites his tribe against a mighty enemy and saves the day.

White Girl ProblemsTBA

A pampered gal is out to show that even rich people deserve sympathy too. She hates her horse, and all the wealthy men she dates, and she has a shopping addiction that causes her once to spend $246,000 at Barneys in an afternoon.


A struggling designer must overcome his fears and uncertainty.

Pale Blue DotTBA

After coming back home from a mission in space, a successful female astronaut starts to unravel when confronted by her seemingly perfect American dream life.

The Fugitive 2TBA

A man is falsely accused of committing a crime, so he must go on the run to clear his name.

I'm a CopTBA

A depressed middle-aged man is a volunteer police officer living in the shadow of his mother, a highly decorated retired officer. When she dies, her continued influence forces him to become a real police officer, which is something he never wanted to be.

Please Stand ByTBA

A brilliant young woman with autism escapes her care home with the goal of delivering her script to a Hollywood competition.

A Dog's PurposeTBA

A dog goes on quest to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes with multiple owners.

On The Basis Of SexTBA

Ruth Bader Ginsburg faces numerous obstacles to fight for equal rights throughout her career. She develops a reputation as a keen advocate for the advancement of women's rights.