Movie Titles Starting with M

Ma Ma 2016

Ma ma follows Magda (Penelope Cruz) as she experiences tragedies and miracles alike. Just as Magda is diagnosed with breast cancer, she meets Arturo (Luis Tosar), a devoted husband and father in the m... more

Ma Vraie Vie a Rouen TBA

Étienne (Zaccaï) is given a digital camera for his sixteenth birthday, ostensibly to record his figure skating practice. Soon, however, the well-meaning teen is filming everything, including the da... more

Macbeth 2015

The story revolves around Macbeth and Banquo, generals under the command of Duncan, the King of Scotland.

MacGregor's Lantern TBA

Set in the Colorado-Wyoming territories during the late 1800s, wealthy Scottish and English cattle barons vie for control of the prairies and grasslands.

MacGruber 2010

Only one American hero has earned the rank of Green Beret, Navy SEAL and Army Ranger. Just one operative has been awarded 16 purple hearts, 3 Congressional Medals of Honor and 7 presidential medals of... more

MacGyver TBA

Based on the TV series of the same title, MacGyver stars a secret agent who relies on ingenious quick thinking.

Machete 2010

He looked like just another day laborer from the streets, and the perfect fall guy for a crooked political assassination. But he turned out to be Machete (Danny Trejo), a legendary ex-federale with a ... more

Machete Kills 2013

The second film in the Machete Trilogy finds Machete recruited by the US Government for a mission which would be impossible for any mortal man. Machete must battle his way through Mexico to take down ... more

Machete Kills Again TBA

Vigilante Machete returns in the third chapter of the trilogy.

Machine Gun Preacher 2011

Gerard Butler will star in Machine Gun Preacher, the story of Sam Childers. Childers is a former drug dealer and gang member who turned around his life and now dedicates his time to rescuing children ... more

Machine Man TBA

A tech engineer, who is tired of going through life average and unnoticed, replaces parts of his body with titanium upgrades of his own design. He then discovers that he isn't the only one with plans ... more

Mad Dog and Englishman TBA

A rogue Chicago cop must travel the world to solve a crime committed in his own back yard.

Mad Families TBA

No plot details have been announced.

Mad Hot Ballroom 2005

This is a profile of several New York City's public school kids and their journey into the world of ballroom dancing. The eleven-year-olds go from reluctantly participating in ballroom dancing to prep... more


May 20, 2005

Mad Max: Fury Road 2015

Haunted by his turbulent past, Mad Max believes the best way to survive is to wander alone. Nevertheless, he becomes swept up with a group fleeing across the Wasteland in a War Rig driven by an elite ... more

Mad Money 2008

A comedy about three ordinary women who form an unlikely friendship and decide to do something extraordinary--rob one of the most secure banks in the world. Bridget Cardigan is shocked to learn ... more

Mad Monster Party TBA

Baron Von Frankenstein calls together all of cinema's classic monsters for a conference and announces that he's turning over their leadership to his clueless nephew.

Mad Women 2015

The story of a beautiful woman in her late 40s, the mother of three daughters, who conspires to commit a crime of conscience, becomes radicalized in prison, and upon her release determines to change t... more

Madagascar 2005

Four zoo animals are shipped back to their homeland by an animal rights group that feels they belong in the wild. When the ship capsizes, the animals find themselves stranded in Madagascar. Having had... more

Madagascar 3: Europe's Mos... 2012

Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Gloria the Hippo, and Melman the Giraffe are still fighting to get home to their beloved Big Apple; King Julien, Maurice and the Penguins are along for the adventure. T... more