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55 Holly Star

Written and directed by Michael A. Nickles ("This Is Not A Film"), "55 Holly Star", is a whimsical, comedic adventure of one man's desperate attempts to uncover a forgotten childhood memory that contains clues to buried treasure.

50 Dates in 50 States

After realizing her perfect match may not be in Cincinnati, a woman embarks on a 50 state tour of the United States in search of the man of her dreams.

500 Rads

No details are known about the film's plot, but the title refers to a dose of radiation that is strong enough to kill a man or make him sterile.

50 Ways to Leave Your L...

A tabloid biographer (Paul Schneider) plans to skip town to start over on the East Coast. Unfortunately, after he tells everyone off and is waiting in the airport for his flight east, he meets his dream girl (Jennifer Westfeldt) and elects not to leave until the next day.

51 Dons

Follows the undefeated University of San Francisco 1951 Dons football team that turned down a bid to play in the Orange Bowl in Miami after being told that the team would not be allowed to use its two black players — running back Ollie Matson and linebacker Burl Toler.

52 Percent

A longtime married couple is contemplating divorce. A clash develops between their daughter, who hopes for reconciliation, and a jaded young divorce attorney unwilling to lose a client without a fight.

52 Windows

When Claudette Hayes passes she leaves behind her two things: the legacy of being America's first female law professor, and her Charleston founding family mansion sitting on one of the country's oldest plantations. Five of her students, now high powered female attorneys, are summoned to the leisurely life of South Carolina to be told, for reasons unknown, she has bequeathed the property to four of them but not the fifth woman. The law dictates though the decision must be unanimous. So this "gift" brings about an unholy stalemate which threatens to tear the group apart and soon their secrets and frailties come bubbling to the top.

5th Avenue Bum

A sexy executive runs a baby food company but hates babies and chews up men as fast as her employees. When her father threatens to hand the reins to another executive unless his daughter can find balance in her life, the woman bribes a wisecracking bum to pretend he's in love with her.