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The Day Britain Stopped

A train accident leads to the trade unions declaring a strike due to safety concerns. The strike is the first in a chain of events that leads to a meltdown of the country's transport system.

The Leaves

Centers on a young man who must fight to convince the love of his life that they are soul mates when he, as the result of an accident in India, ends up in a parallel universe where she has no idea who he is.

Black Hole

A black hole enters our solar system, setting off natural disasters on an unprecedented scale. Cities are assaulted by gigantic meteorites, continents are devastated by super-volcanos, and Earth's shifting axis triggers a cataclysmic second Ice Age. All the while, a team of scientists, soldiers and astronauts must work together to save the planet from imminent annihilation.

The Zone

No plot details are known but sources say "The Zone" revolves around an alien invasion, will be improv-based and cast with relative unknowns.


Against the backdrop of the deadliest natural disaster in American history, the story follows a pair of young lovers on the verge of being separated, a struggle for power among various bureaucracies and a bitter love triangle involving two brothers.