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Five Dives

A documentary about Virgin Oceanic's "Five Dives" expedition, which will visit the deepest parts of the sea over the next two years.

Amazing Bugs! 3D

New 3D lenses, slow-motion, time-lapse and micro and macro photography are used to zoom in on the tiny worlds of insects.

March of the Penguins 2...

Follows a young penguin about to embark for his first journey as he hears the mysterious call that compels the species to leave home for an unknown destination.

Once Upon a Forest

An exploration of tropical forests in Africa and South America. The documentary follows botanist and biologist Francis Halle as he travels to tropical forests in Gabon and Peru. It will also look at the birth and evolution of a tropical forest through seven centuries.
Location: Africa

Sharks! Rulers of the S...

Sharks! is billed as the definitive story of the oceanic predators’ evolution over 400 million years.

Africa 3D: The Wildest ...

Viewers journey across Africa's equatorial planes and raging rivers to observe dancing flamingos, a family of gorillas, a pool of giant crocodiles and a herd of swimming elephants.