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Justice League Dark

The story revolves around a dark Justice League team that consists of John Constantine, Swamp Thing, Deadman, Zatanna and Etrigan the Demon.

The Paladin Prophecy

Teenager Will West uses his unusual abilities in a world of secret societies and supernatural conflicts.

27 Times

A paranoid, overprotective young man cares for his shut-in teenage brother, who is tortured by precognitive visions of violent deaths. He profits off his brother's terrible gift, until they are confronted by the brutal deaths in their wake.

A Discovery of Witches

Centers on a reluctant witch and a 1,500-year-old vampire. The witch -- a direct descendant of the first woman executed in the Salem Witch trials -- accidentally unlocks an enchanted manuscript and finds herself in a race to prevent an interspecies war.

Possession: A Love Story

A couple with an enviable marriage is marked by irresistible passion, wealth and success. Their lives are thrown into turmoil when her health mysteriously begins to deteriorate. When he uncovers the terrifying truth – that his wife is possessed – he must make an impossible choice: save an innocent victim or the supernatural entity he's fallen in love with.


A recently deceased guy is determined to be more productive as a corpse than he was during his life as a slacker. He attempts to set himself up in a business with a couple of other ghouls, starting a temp agency for the dead. The deceased guy and his cohorts rent out ghouls and ghosts to the living, until things go awry.


A man must reconnect with the supernatural arts he set aside when his ex-wife, the leader of the coven from which he fled, returns to claim their daughter’s life.

The Infinity Reel

A paranormal investigator is drawn to a small town that has gone through bizarre phenomena. These instances have an eerie connection with the investigator's own past.


A soldier returns from Afghanistan and plans to raise his 12-year-old daughter in the town of Blackpine. The mining community has fallen on hard times, but he makes a go of it until his daughter goes missing. He launches into a frantic search to find her, and in the process uncovers a conspiracy within the town, with a supernatural twist.


The official pitch: Narnia. Hogwarts. Neverland. All magical places that mortals can travel to and marvel at the strange creatures and wonders not seen in our world.

What if a door to a magical land was discovered and instead of pure hearted adventures, a man saw an opportunity to charge a fortune for an exclusive private game reserve where you can “bag” a magical creature.

Multi-millionaire Tip Fallows is a recreational hunter looking for more interesting challenges. Another wealthy hunter, Stockton, has a secret to share and a journey to offer. All they need to do is pay a quarter of a million dollars to go through a little door in an old house in rural Maine.

Hunter: The Reckoning

A group of men and women become aware of supernatural monsters preying on humanity and are given special abilities to combat them.

Hush, Hush

16-year-old Nora Grey's life quickly changes when she meets Patch, a mysterious new bad boy in school. Her instincts tell her to stay away from him, but Nora can't help being drawn to his undeniable charm. As they get closer, Nora finds herself in dangerous inexplicable situations and begins to realize that Patch is actually a fallen angel with harmful intentions.

Killing Demons

The story begins when a kid sees his family slain by supernatural creatures. As he ages, he becomes revenge-hungry and seeks out demons to appease his anger. He has to reshuffle his ideas, however, when he realizes that some humans are actually worse than the spirits.


A teen works for the International Paranormal Containment Agency and discovers she may be at the center of a dark prophecy predicting the destruction of all paranormal creatures.


A young woman, possessed by a demon, seeks refuge within The Sanctuary, a Vatican-run secret organization that teaches the possessed to channel their inner demon and use its power as a weapon against evil.