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Sarah Palin: You Betcha!

A documentary on Sarah Palin that speaks with school friends, family and Republican colleagues of the former governor of Alaska.

Suing The Devil

A down-and-out law student sues Satan for $8 trillion dollars. Satan appears to defend himself and the trial of the century takes place.

Sleeping Beauty

A haunting erotic fairy tale about a student who drifts into prostitution and finds her niche as a woman who sleeps, drugged, in a ‘Sleeping Beauty chamber’ while men do to her what she can‘t remember the next morning.


Eighteen years after disappearing without a trace, Cornelius Rawlings returns to his family's farm.


Bajirao Singham (Ajay Devgn) is a police sub- inspector who hails from a small town of Sawantwadi in Maharashtra. He fights against corruption with the valor of lion. When Kavya (Kaajal Aggarwal) comes to Sawantwadi, from Goa to visit her grandparents on a vacation she is charmed by Bajirao’s bold and courageous demeanor. Everything goes well for Singham until there is a clash with a goon that eventually escalates into a full blown fight. Singham eventually gets promoted & is transferred to Goa which also happens to be the operational hub of the goon. While this move brings Singham closer to Kavya, it also brings him in the clutches of the very same goon who is on a mission to destroy him. How Singham rises to the challenge to expose this crook and put an end to his malicious activities forms the rest of the story.

Saving Private Perez

A group of drug traffickers search for the cartel leader's lost brother, who went missing in action in Iraq.

Shit Year

Follows an actress (Ellen Barkin) who find herself adrift when she quits performing.


Convinced that he only has weeks to live, 10-year-old Billy Kirkfield enlists his misfit friends in a scheme to ensure that he will be remembered in the record books forever.

Some Days Are Better th...

A film that asks why the good times slip by so fast while the difficult times seem so sticky. It explores ideas of abundance, emptiness, human connection and abandonment while observing an interweaving web of awkward characters who maintain hope by inventing their own forms of communication and self-fulfillment.