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People Who Eat Darkness

Chronicles the murder of a young Englishwoman working in Tokyo and her parents’ odyssey navigating the institutional ineptitude of the Japanese legal and police systems to bring their daughter’s killer to justice.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world divided into two societies, the Pures live under a dome and are healthy and beautiful, and the Wretches, those scarred by the devastation, live separately. Pressia, a Wretch on the run, teams up with the son of the leader of the Pures.

Pace Like a River

An extremely loyal Minnesota family has a dispute with some of the thugs in the neighborhood, which results in the death of two of the family members. The family tries to track down the killer and seek revenge.


The story about love and defining your family is about a boy who is separated from his pet fox and how they try to find each other again during the devastation of war.

Pennyroyal's Princess B...

An orphaned girl travels to the Pennyroyal Boot Camp where she and her friends train to become warrior princesses in order to defeat an ever-growing threat of wicked witches.

Piece Of Mind

Follows 27-year old Lucy, who sustained a traumatic brain injury when she was three.


Pippin, the son of Charlemagne, ruler of the ninth century Holy Roman Empire, leads a life enmeshed in politics and war, but all he really wants is true love.


Seventeen-year-old Reed Brennan transfers to Easton Academy with dreams of a golden future. She soon learns there are dark secrets hidden behind the ivy-covered brick walls.


When his wife Patience is murdered, Jack falls into a deep pit of anger, grief, and guilt. Ten years later, he learns of a time machine that might allow him to fix things. From there, he plunges into a psychedelic journey through Patience's past and the events that shaped her into the woman he knew and loved.

Penguin Bloom

Based on a true story, the film revolves around a unique little bird that saves a family spirits after the mother was paralyzed in an accident.

Perry Mason

Set in the rough-and-tumble world of early 1930s L.A., the story follows irrepressible defense attorney Perry Mason, as well as features his secretary, Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake and his longtime courtroom nemesis, Hamilton Burger.

Peter Pan In Scarlet

With Neverland under threat from dark forces Pan has to call on some old friends to help restore order to the magical world.

Platypus Police Squad

Two duck-billed detectives in Kalamazoo City are tasked with busting illegal candy sales and tracking down political corruption.

Playing for Pizza

A veteran NFL quarterback winds up on a semi-pro team in Italy after blowing his last chance to lead a team to the Super Bowl.

Pop. 1280

A corrupt sheriff of a small town manipulates the people in his orbit in order to win the next election.


Instead of waiting for a prince to save her, Princess Adrienne Ashe, a young black princess, takes matters into her own hands. She breaks out of her tower, befriends the dragon guarding her, and sets off on a quest to rescue her six older sisters who are also locked in towers and guarded by assassins.

Proof of Heaven

A neurosurgeon, who teaches at Harvard Medical School and other universities, believes in science over faith. Despite being a Christian, he does not embrace religious theories of the afterlife until he contracts a rare bacterial meningitis that penetrates his cerebro-spinal fluid and attacks his brain. He lies near death, comatose for seven days. He awakes with a clear recollection of what he describes as a journey to heaven.


The story of a Texas preacher possessed by a supernatural entity born through the coupling of an angel and demon.


An outsourcing job runs amok when a young animator sent to North Korea is accused of espionage.