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A Court of Thorns and R...

After a 19-year-old huntress kills a wolf in the woods, a beast-like creature arrives to demand retribution for it.

Chuckle Bears

Aliens from another planet take the form of brightly colored teddy bears and go on a mission to Earth to banish sadness from the human race. Complications arise when a greedy toy executive exploits the aliens by creating a line of toys that look like them.

Hiding in Time

In the future, the Witness Protection Program uses time travel to relocate high-value witnesses into the past for safe keeping. When the program is compromised, a government scientist must travel back through the greatest moments in history to help a master thief rescue his old crew from the assassins sent back by their former employer.

Monster Zoo

At a zoo, an ancient idol awakens and starts to mutate the caged animals, and a group of teenagers must band together to try to stop the idol and the evil from destroying the world.


Set in the 1980s, an Australian heroin addict convicted of robbery escapes to India, where he reinvents himself as a doctor. When he gets involved in smuggling and gunrunning, his adventurous life leads him to Afghanistan and battles with Russians.


Set on island of Catan, settlers must outwit one another amidst fierce competition for the island's scarce resources.

Cowboy Ninja Viking

The Cowboy Ninja Viking is the birth child of Doctor Sebastian Ghislain, a psychotherapist who recruits Multiple Personality Disorder patients to create a unit of counter-intelligence agents called the Triplets. Problems arise when the Triplets become out of control assassins -- leading to the deadliest Triplet of them all, Cowboy Ninja Viking, being called in to take down his own brethren.


After an act of terror destroys Earth, a small band of survivors escape to a planet beyond the solar system.


A dog, who is launched into space by the Russians, crosses the space-time continuum and returns home to his family an evolved creature.

The Famous Five

Follows the summer-time adventures of a group of four young children and their dog Timmy.

Tibet Code

Set in 9th-century Tibet, Qiang Ba, an expert on the Tibetan mastiff, and his mentor Fang Xin hunt for Buddhist treasures.

Children of Blood and Bone

Set in the magical Orisha kingdom, a young woman named Zelie Adebola witnesses the death of her mother and other magicians, called "maji," under the order of a ruthless king.