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Singles Day

A widely observed Chinese holiday considered the anti-Valentine's Day celebrates being unattached. Friends, romantic partners and family members explore the notion that being single doesn't necessarily mean being alone.

How to Fall in Love wit...

In a 1997 SUNY Stony Brook study, psychologist Arthur Aron explores whether intimacy between two perfect strangers can be accelerated by having them ask each other 36 personal questions.

I'm in Love with a DJ

A girl's two best friends tag along on her work trip to Spain which quickly turns into a crazy hunt for a hot DJ through the electronic dance music scene.


An American businessman arrives in a bustling Chinese province looking to score a lucrative contact for his family’s sign-making firm. He soon discovers that the complexities of such a venture far outstrip the expected differences in language, customs and manners—and call into question even the most basic assumptions of human conduct.

Just Do It

A man and his wife have sex for 101 straight days, no matter whether they were fighting or stressed out by their kids. In the process, the man learns about marriage and the possibility of falling madly in love all over again with one's spouse.

Lauren Pemberton Is No ...

A young professional's life is turned upside down when he reads the new Facebook relationship status of his childhood tutor, who broke his heart as a teenager. He decides to try and win her back.


A neurotic and struggling theater director in New York meets a successful woman, forcing him to reexamine himself, his values and notions of what makes life worth living.

The Exes

The ex-girlfriend of the groom reluctantly agrees to attend his destination wedding for closure and for friendship. Once there, she finds herself trapped at an island resort filled with couples’ exes. Old flames are rekindled, new romances are born and complete chaos ensues.

Born to Be King

An extra has an uncanny resemblance to a movie star, and a Hollywood starlet is at war with the movie star, but begins to fall for the extra.
Location: UK - England

Click to Connect

Follows a collection of characters, ranging in age from their 20s to 60s, whose approach to online dating varies according to their circumstances and past experiences.

Jason Bateman/FBI Weddi...

Two undercover FBI agents plan a wedding, which is really a sting operation against the mob. But the two actually fall in love and thus disobey the FBI rulebook.


An executive at a dating web site declares war on a rival service that embellishes profiles to help its clients hook up.

My Owner's Wedding

A dog goes to any length to make sure his owner ends up with the right girl between two eligible young women.