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Escape The Field

Six strangers wake up trapped in an endless cornfield only to discover something mysterious is hunting them.


Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus bond at boyhood and grow into warriors who become politically ambitious and powerful enough to be regarded as threats by the establishment. Political and romantic entanglements culminate in a fatal encounter on the floor of the Roman Senate. Revenge is taken on Caesar's murderers by Octavius and Mark Antony.

Eleanor Oliphant Is Com...

An out-of-the-ordinary heroine goes from living a lonely life to realizing the only way to survive is to open your heart.

Enchanted, Inc.

A small-town woman comes to New York only to find out magic is commonplace in Gotham and has existed there for centuries. But because she is one of the rare creatures without the slightest bit of magic inside her, she can see through any spell.


In a world similar to Earth, there are twelve bloodlines, or races. Each bloodline has a champion between the ages of 13 and 17 who is trained as a warrior and is always ready to do battle. When they turn 18, the teen warrior behind them gets promoted. This has been the case for hundreds of years, but no one remembers why — they’re always ready for some sort of battle to take place, but it never does. But the tradition continues. And then one day they’re called to fight, and all the bloodlines but the winners will be exterminated. They’re fighting to be the last race.


After an act of terror destroys Earth, a small band of survivors escape to a planet beyond the solar system.


Set in the early 1960s, a lonely 20-something woman working in a boys’ prison outside Boston is pulled into a very strange crime.

Everything Is Coming Up...

Corporate America employs Broadway talent to take part in industrial shows from the 1950s to the 1980s to help motivate sales forces and educate employees on products.

Elevator Into Another W...

When a loner teen plays a game that brings him to a world where he is the only inhabitant, he discovers he's not alone.

Entering Hades

The stroy of Jack Unterweger, a journalist who led a double life strangling prostitutes in Vienna and Los Angeles, and covering his own crimes in the early 1990s. Unterweger hanged himself after receiving a life sentence.

Eden's Gate

A young couple begin to experience evidence of the paranormal in their new home.

Edge of the World

Set in th 1930s, self-driven New York socialite and fashion designer Ruth Harkness goes to Shanghai to find her missing fiance, who had been searching for a mythical creature. She embarks on a quest deep into the heart of China and ends up introducing the Western world to the panda.