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Little Bee

On an African beach, a 16-year-old Nigerian orphan named Little Bee meets a vacationing upper-middle-class British couple who've wandered into an area outside the safety of their resort.

La Banda

A wealthy housewife falls on hard times when her husband leaves. She takes a job as a singer for a wedding band while keeping her involvement secret from her high-society friends and family, but it becomes a tricky balancing act as the band gains in popularity.

Leonardo da Vinci

A narrative that connects Leonardo da Vinci's art to his science and voracious curiosity and imagination.

Life on Mars

Follows a woman who is among a handful of descendants of a Martian colony long-abandoned by Earth following a cataclysm. One day, the woman finds she can breathe the air on Mars, upending her world and that of her fellow colonists.

Loving Frank

Tells the pre-WWI story of the affair between architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Chicago society matron Mamah Borthwick Cheney.


Lanny moves his family to a commuter village close to London that is filled with mysterious English folklore characters and myths.

Leo The Lion

Follows a young vegetarian lion who is seen as an outcast among his fellow lions.

Little White Corvette

A pair of siblings team up to sell a million dollars worth of drugs after finding it in the trunk of their deceased father’s vintage white Corvette.


The true story of Lance Corporal Leslie Martz, a U.S. Marine who was stationed in Haditha, Iraq.

Lizard Music

A boy left home alone by his vacationing parents discovers a group of lizard musicians on late-night television. With the help of a man with a dancing hen under his hat, Victor travels to Thunderbolt City to find the mysterious creatures.


During the week leading up to the 1967 NFL championship game, Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lmbardi prepares his team to play against the Dallas Cowboys. The game becomes known as the "Ice Bowl" due to the extreme weather.

Long Shot

Kevin Laue journeys from Pleasanton, CA to the basketball court of Manhattan College in New York, where he joins the team in 2009. Laue becomes the first player missing a limb to play NCAA Division I basketball.

Last Vegas 2

A quartet of older friends returns to their old stomping grounds in Brooklyn where they discover that the borough has changed more than a little since the four grew up there.

Like Father

A father and son, who never got along, coincidentally have baby sons at the same time and are forced to go through the fatherhood experience together.