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Untitled Sony and Marve...

No plot details have been announced. An unknown Sony-Marvel film.

Untitled Raggedy Ann & ...

Raggedy Ann and Andy become lost in a modern-day city and have to save a stolen friend from the clutches of a scheming enemy.


A New England state trooper, privately struggling with irreversible hearing loss, is tasked with investigating the prison break of a notorious gang leader. As she digs deeper into the most dangerous case of her career, she uncovers a vast conspiracy that, coupled with her deteriorating condition, threatens to end her career — and her life.


A computer repairman and moon resident gets caught up in a rebellion against the authority that controls it from Earth. He fights with the aid of a young female dissenter, an elderly academic and a supercomputer that recently attained consciousness.


Follows a young woman who lives near a corrupted woods where people rely on the powers of a wizard to keep the evil at bay.

Undefeated: The Rocky M...

The story of boxing legend Rocky Marciano will come to the big screen in his first authorized biopic, as yet untitled. The film will track Marciano from his Brockton, Mass. childhood up to his death in a plane crash in 1969. He stands as the only champion boxer to retire without a loss.

Untitled Laura Vikmanis...

Based on the true story of Laura Vikmanis, the oldest cheerleader in the NFL. At 39-years-old and surrounded by cheerleaders half her age, the single mom tried out for the Cincinnati Bengals squad, but didn't make the cut. For a year, she practiced and improved her moves. Despite the long odds, she returned to tryouts and made the squad.

Untitled WB Event Film ...

An unknown Warner Bros event film. Check Warner Bros' movies in production for possibilities.


A high-end sex-worker returns to her native New York City after more than a decade abroad. She quickly makes herself at home. She sets up a rotation of clients―all of them in finance―each of whom has different delusions of how he is important to her. And she's also met a man whom she doesn't charge―a damaged former Army Ranger, back from Afghanistan.


A 14-year-old kid of average intelligence is accidentally placed in a school of gifted students and tries to hide among the brainiacs to escape punishment for a prank he pulled at his old school. He eventually shakes up the uptight, socially awkward advanced students and learns something about his own capabilities.

Untitled Lenny Dykstra ...

Lenny Dykstra, a key part of the champion 1986 New York Mets, leads a checkered life after retiring from baseball in 1996. He is the subject of multiple investigations into his financial empire, which includes a jet charter company and a magazine marketed to professional athletes. He files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2009 and auctions off his World Series ring. Dykstra pleads guilty in 2012 to bankruptcy fraud, concealment of assets and money laundering and is sentenced to six months in prison, 500 hours of community service, and is ordered to pay $200,000 in restitution.


Joe Chip works as an anti-psi security agent who blocks telepathic spying on companies. When Chip is hired for a job on the Moon, things go terribly wrong.

Untitled Damon Beesley ...

After high school graduation, four teenage friends travel for holiday to the Greek island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea.

Untitled Nancy Meyers P...

The story of an above-the-line filmmaking duo who reunite on set after falling in and out of love with each other.