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Untitled Seth Rogen-Kev...

Described as the first interracial police pairing in law enforcement history. Set post-World War II, in the late 1940s, the pair go undercover in the jazz scene to bust up a ring involving marijuana.


Despite being born with one leg to a single-parent family on the wrong side of the tracks, Anthony Robles overcomes every obstacle to become an undefeated collegiate wrestling star, three-time All-American, 2011 NCAA National Champion, two-time ESPY Award winner and a National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee.

Untitled Tom Hardy Bike...

Follows a wounded Vietnam veteran who returns home to San Francisco at the height of unrest of 1969. Amid clashing cultures of the Haight-Ashbury district, he emerges to become the leader of California's most violent outlaw biker club.

Undefeated: The Rocky M...

The story of boxing legend Rocky Marciano will come to the big screen in his first authorized biopic, as yet untitled. The film will track Marciano from his Brockton, Mass. childhood up to his death in a plane crash in 1969. He stands as the only champion boxer to retire without a loss.


A 14-year-old kid of average intelligence is accidentally placed in a school of gifted students and tries to hide among the brainiacs to escape punishment for a prank he pulled at his old school. He eventually shakes up the uptight, socially awkward advanced students and learns something about his own capabilities.

Under One Roof

A small farmhouse stands in Seattle perfectly fine for about 100 years as the city grows around it, until in 2006 when a big commercial development encroaches on it, buying all the homes in the neighborhood except the one holdout.

Untitled Mark Kerr Project

Mark Kerr is born in Toledo, Ohio. From early childhood, he dreams of being in the World Wrestling Federation and holds mock fights with his younger siblings in the back yard. He comes a high school state champion wrestling for Toledo Waite. Later Kerr becomes known as The Smashing Machine, The Titan and The Specimen — and is a two-time UFC heavyweight champ, and is widely regarded as the best fighter in the world during his MMA career.

Untitled Max Landis Jou...

Revolves around the emotional journey of a brother and sister as they undertake an epic space adventure.

Uptown Saturday Night

Two estranged friends have their wallets stolen at a nightclub. The next morning, they learn that one of their wallets contained a winning lottery ticket, and together, they set out to find it.


A 16-year-old awakens with no memories, surrounded by wreckage from a plane crash. The only clue to her identity is a mysterious young man who claims she was part of a scientific experiment -- 100 years in the future.

Under The Banner Of Heaven

Two brothers murder the wife and infant daughter of their younger brother. The killers claimed they were acting on orders from God, consistent with their interpretation of a fundamentalist interpretation that goes back to the formation of Mormonism.


A man in his mid- to late 20s goes home with a young woman he's met in a bar. Later, he discovers she's only 17 -- a fact that allows her to blackmail him into being her boyfriend for the next six months, so she can exact revenge on her ex-boyfriend.