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Untitled Dr. Kay Scarpe...

While based on Patricia Cornwell's series about medical examiner Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the movie won't be based on a particular book.

Untitled J.J. Abrams He...

Based on an article in Wired magazine, the movie centers around the true story of a $100 million diamond heist in Antwerp.

Untitled Lucy Alibar Pr...

Inspired by Lucy Alibar's play, "Christmas and Jubilee Behold the Meteor Shower."


A 14-year-old kid of average intelligence is accidentally placed in a school of gifted students and tries to hide among the brainiacs to escape punishment for a prank he pulled at his old school. He eventually shakes up the uptight, socially awkward advanced students and learns something about his own capabilities.


To make ends meet, Jack, a down-on-his-luck rocker-turned-father, secretly joins a group of young musicians in a wedding cover band led by misfit Ben. Things start looking up for this ragtag band, but when Jack's secret gets revealed, he rediscovers what's truly important in life while teaching Ben to find his own voice as a musical talent.

Untitled Tom Hardy Bike...

Follows a wounded Vietnam veteran who returns home to San Francisco at the height of unrest of 1969. Amid clashing cultures of the Haight-Ashbury district, he emerges to become the leader of California's most violent outlaw biker club.


Joe Chip works as an anti-psi security agent who blocks telepathic spying on companies. When Chip is hired for a job on the Moon, things go terribly wrong.

Undefeated: The Rocky M...

The story of boxing legend Rocky Marciano will come to the big screen in his first authorized biopic, as yet untitled. The film will track Marciano from his Brockton, Mass. childhood up to his death in a plane crash in 1969. He stands as the only champion boxer to retire without a loss.

Untitled Airport Thriller

Plot details were not reported for the airport thriller and the screenplay is still to be written.