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Aurion: Legacy of the K...

Based on African mythology, Aurion game follows the fallen heirs to the throne of a kingdom who are forced to embark on an epic journey, traversing the surrounding countries, building alliances with the diverse neighboring kingdoms and harnessing power emanated by their ancestors as they seek to fulfill their destiny as leaders and to reclaim their realm as king and queen.

The Last of Us

A world is devastated by a strange virus that transforms humans into bloodthirsty beasts. Joel and a young woman named Ellie must survive by warding off infected humans and other survivors fighting over the remaining food supplies and weapons.

The Long Dark

Pilot Will Mackenzie and Dr. Astrid Greenwood become stranded in the wilderness of Northern Canada following a geomagnetic disaster. As they search for each other, Astrid and Mackenzie come to terms with the ways the world around them has changed due to an aurorae in the sky.