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College Republicans

Centers on aspiring politician Karl Rove as he leads a dirty campaign for College Republican Chairman under the guidance of Lee Atwater, his campaign manager.
Location: US - Texas

Come True

A teenager tormented by nightmares decides to participate in a sleep study, and becomes the channel to a terrifying new discovery.


The story centers on the battle between Dracula and the Belmont clan of vampire hunters in a labyrinthine fortress in the Carpathian mountains.


John Craig, a retired kidnap and ransom hostage negotiator, comes out of retirement to take on one last job. The daunting task is to help a young man,who has been wrongly accused of trafficking drugs to escape and return to his home and family in Australia.

Captain Dad

Rich Peelman takes his wife on a trip through the Caribbean on a sail boat for her birthday with all six of their kids and partners in tow. When things don't go according to plan and Rich's subpar sailing abilities and clashes of attitude with the rest of the family are brought into question, the trip soon becomes a less-than-idyllic one.


Based on the 1980s BBC series of the same name, the movie will focus on teenage problems in a stone age world.


Greed and ambition takes place in the exuberant months leading up to the Dow Jones all-time stock market high. In New York, a hedge fund manager has everything he wants – money, sex and power, but he wants more. In London, a young couple just wants to buy their first home, but it seems impossibly out of reach. And in Mumbai, a cop fights against corruption between property speculators and his colleagues.
Locations: India; UK - Unknown; US - New York


The story centers on the Egyptian queen and her lover, Marc Antony. A rock ’n’ roll musical theme.


A traumatized mountain climber is forced back into an expedition after a plane crash leaves a lot of stolen cash and bad guys strewn on the Rocky Mountains.

Cold Warriors

A retired CIA agent with some unfinished Cold War business. recruits his videogame-obsessed stepson to continue the mission, using his newfangled tech skills.

Come Away

Based on the premise that the Alice (of Alice in Wonderland fame) and Peter (of Peter Pan fame) characters were a brother and sister who had to deal with their older brother perishing in an accident and their parents’ despair over the tragedy -- leading them ultimately to journey into Wonderland and Neverland.

Condition Dead 3D

An elite team of government-subsidized zombie hunters are mysteriously ambushed by a viscous new breed of zombie.

Cover Girl

A woman pays her way through university by playing a "beard" for gay guys who want to hide their sexuality.
Location: UK - Unknown

Chase Liberty

When Pauli (Kutcher) loses his job and is struggling to pay rent, he’ll do anything to save his family from poverty... including robbing a bank. He enlists the help of his good friend Frank and they target a small community bank, but the robbery goes incredibly wrong when they discover the bank is being bought out by a huge corporation, leaving its employees jobless and the vaults empty.


A former Army medic returns from Iraq with extreme undiagnosed PTSD, falls into opioid addiction and begins robbing banks.

Closer to the Moon

A former head of a criminal investigation unit is implicated in a bank robbery where he and three others perpetrated the crime while assuring the crowds they were filming a movie. They are tried and sentenced to death because they are Jews, but only after the communist government forces them to re-enact their crime in a propaganda film.
Location: Romania


At a national packaging convention, an underachieving inventor unveils his latest creation--the 5-sided box. It seems like a game-changing innovation, until the inventor learns that each time he makes the special fold involved in assembling the box, he's ripping a small hole in the universe. If the invention takes hold, it might end the world.