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Mrs. Doubtfire 2

In the original, directed by Chris Columbus, Robin Williams played an estranged father who poses as a Scottish nanny, Euphegenia Doubtfire, in order to get access to his children and successfully bypass his ex-wife (Sally Field). The film grossed $219 million domestically.


A mash-up between the 21 Jump Street and Men in Black franchises that moves Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill from school narcs to alien hunters.

Mona Lisa

A small-time chauffeur delves into the New York underbelly with a high-class call girl.


Follows Henry Lime, a government agent with psychic abilities who loses control of his abilities, causing an entire town to kill each other and forcing him on the run.

Me and My Shadow

Shadow Stan, an incredibly frustrated shadow, yearns for a more dynamic life but happens to be stuck with Stanley Grubb, the world's most boring human. Eventually pushed to the brink, Shadow Stan breaks the singular rule of the Shadow World -- "they lead, we follow" -- and takes control of Stanley.