Blumhouse Productions Movies - In Pre-Production

In Pre-Production Movies 9

  Halloween Kills October 16, 2020 2020
  Purge 5 July 10, 2020 2020
  Hairstyles of the Damned To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
  House of Lost Souls To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
  Spawn To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
  Spooky Jack To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
  Sweetheart To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
  Visions To Be Announced (TBA) TBA
  You Should Have Left To Be Announced (TBA) TBA

About Blumhouse Productions

A multimedia production company that has pioneered a new model of studio filmmaking by producing high-quality micro-budget films. Blumhouse, which has a first look deal with Universal Pictures, has produced such highly profitable film franchises as The Purge, Insidious, Ouija and Paranormal Activity.

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