Religion Movies

Escape TBA

Carolyn Jessop is born into the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints sect. At 18 she marries a man 32 years her senior; at 35, she flees with her eight children.

Jesus of Nazareth TBA

Paul Verhoeven's take on the life of Jesus Christ discounts all the miracles that inform the New Testament.

King David TBA

After slaying Goliath, David eventually becomes the King of Israel.

Risen 2016

Risen is the epic Biblical story of the Resurrection and the weeks that followed, as seen through the eyes of an unbelieving Clavius (Joseph Fiennes), a high-ranking Roman Military Tribune. Clavius an... more

The Book of Mormon TBA

A pair of Mormon missionaries attempt to find converts in Uganda.

The Passion of the Christ 2004

This film tells the story of the last 12 hours in the life of Jesus (Jim Caviezel), on the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem. This film's script is based upon several sources, including the diaries ... more

War Room 2015

War Room follows Tony and Elizabeth Jordan, a middle-class couple who seemingly have it all – great jobs, a beautiful daughter, their dream home. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, the Jo... more

War, Inc. 2008

Turaqistan is a country occupied by an American private corporation run by the former US Vice President. In an effort to monopolize the opportunities the war-torn nation offers, the corporation's CEO ... more