Legal Movies

Amicus TBA

Lawrence Horn, a former record producer and Motown Records executive, is sentenced to life in prison for hiring Detroit-based hit man James Perry to murder his wife, quadriplegic son and the wealthy f... more

Article III TBA

A 26-year-old is a law clerk for an aging Supreme Court justice and also the swing vote on the court. The clerk has three days to save the life of his girlfriend when she's abducted in a plot to sway ... more

Crime After Crime TBA

Follows two attorneys, fresh out of law school, as they fight an uphill battle to free Debbie Peagler from prison 20 years after she was sentenced to life behind bars for her role in the murder of the... more

Defending Jacob TBA

Set in Boston, a district attorney's son is accused of killing a classmate. As he tries to clear his boy, the DA discovers many things about his son that he didn't know, including the possibility the ... more

Defending the Enemy TBA

At the end of World War II, Gen. Douglas MacArthur assigns neophyte defense attorney John Skeen to represent Gen. Masaharu Homma, who is accused of organizing the brutal death march in Bataan, Philipp... more

Devil In The Grove TBA

The effort of Thurgood Marshall and the NAACP’s legal team to save the lives of four black men falsely accused of raping a white woman in Florida in 1949.

In a Different Time TBA

The Delmas Four, South African revolutionaries, are arrested and put on trial during the apartheid era.

Inheritance TBA

A young female lawyer handles the case of a New Orleans coffee magnate whose passing sparks a deadly chain of events.

Leverage TBA

Set in the summer of 1974, it wraps a murder mystery around the beginnings of modern Wall Street mergers-and-acquisitions hustlers

Perry Mason TBA

Set in the rough-and-tumble world of early 1930s L.A., the story follows irrepressible defense attorney Perry Mason, as well as features his secretary, Della Street, private investigator Paul Drake an... more

Rashomon 2010 TBA

Set in modern day, a court must decide the facts about the rape of a woman and the murder of her husband.

The Children Act 2018

British High Court Judge Fiona Maye is so involved with her cases that she hears that it often strains her marriage. But one case is of particular difficultly — that of a 17-year-old boy who is suff... more

The Litigators TBA

A two-partner Chicago law firm attempts to strike it rich in a class-action lawsuit over a cholesterol reduction drug by a major pharmaceutical drug company. A Harvard Law School grad joins the firm o... more

The Witness TBA

An idealistic public defender discovers a dark secret in the forest near her small South Carolina town. It leads her to turn state's witness against her white supremacist ex-husband and father-in-law ... more