The Current War Movie credits

Edison. Westinghouse. Tesla.

The Current War Cast and Crew

Selected credits (non-exhaustive)

Directed by

Alfonso Gomez-Rejon
Ben Stiller (Formerly In Talks)

Produced by

Garrett Basch
Timur Bekmambetov
Basil Iwanyk
Steve Zaillian


Michael Mitnick


Benedict Cumberbatch ... Thomas Edison
Michael Shannon ... George Westinghouse
Nicholas Hoult ... Nikola Tesla
Tom Holland ... Edison’s Assistant
Katherine Waterston ... Westinghouse's Wife
Matthew Macfadyen
Tuppence Middleton

Executive Producers

Adam Ackland
Garrett Basch
Benedict Cumberbatch
Michael Mitnick
Ann Ruark
Martin Scorsese
Adam Sidman
Michele Wolkoff
Steven Zaillian


101 Studios
Lantern Entertainment (Former)