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Captain Pugwash

TBA | Comedy Family

Follows the infamous, bumbling and cowardly pirate Captain Pugwash.

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Captain Pugwash release date is set for To Be Announced (TBA)

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Nick Frost
Captain Pugwash

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John Hay


John Hay


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Set in the Golden Age of piracy, with the story seeing the con-artist Captain Pugwash put on a ship to Botany Bay. But when he escapes, he finds himself at the helm of the Black Pig on a mission to rescue Cabin Boy Tom’s father, who has been marooned on a volcanic island with a hoard of treasure protected by an army of angry ghosts. Just to make things more complicated, Pugwash soon finds he has the infamous pirate Cut-Throat Jake on his tail.
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Trivia & Production Notes

  • This is a live-action adaptation of the much-loved British children’s cartoon (8/13/17).

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