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  • Tue., Apr. 12, 2011 from The Hollywood Reporter

    Ray Bradbury's 'The Martian Chronicles' to Be Made Into Film By Paramount

  • Paramount is heading to Mars. Multiple sources say the studio has picked up movie rights to The Martian Chronicles, the classic short story collection by Ray Bradbury, one of the foremost names in 20th century science-fiction literature.

  • added a synopsis
  • Humans attempts to settle Mars and the Martians’ efforts to fight the humans off, the colonization of the red planet and a nuclear war that eventually forces most of the humans to return to Earth. In the aftermath of the war, humans become the new Martians.
  • changed the status of 20th Century Fox to Formerly Rumored
  • added Paramount Pictures as a distributor

  • Sun., Aug. 1, 2010
  • changed the film release date from TBA to TBA 2013

  • Sun., Jun. 27, 2010 from Los Angeles Times

    Is Hollywood headed to mars?

  • Sources say that John Davis, the Fox-based producer behind such science-fiction hits as "Alien vs. Predator" and "I, Robot," has optioned film rights to the Ray Bradbury classic, in which humans land on Mars after a cataclysmic disaster and interact/clash with the natives in a series of interlinked adventures...

  • added a synopsis
  • Based on the series of short stories written by Ray Bradbury about the human colonization of Mars following the destruction of Earth.
  • changed the production status to Development
  • added 20th Century Fox (Rumored) as a distributor
  • added John Davis to the credits
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