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Joss Whedon, Bryan Singer, Ray Park, Stan Lee, Famke Janssen, Christopher McQuarrie, Shawn Ashmore, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Anna Paquin, Bruce Davison, Rebecca Romijn, Ed Solomon, Tom DeSanto

sci-fi action
Runtime: 1 hr, 44 m
Language: English

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Plot: What's the story about?

Born into a world filled with prejudice are children who possess extraordinary and dangerous powers - the result of unique genetic mutations. Cyclops unleashes bolts of energy from his eyes. Storm can manipulate the weather at will. Rogue absorbs the life force of anyone she touches. But under the tutelage of Professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart), these and other outcasts learn to harness their powers for the good of mankind. Now they must protect those who fear them as the nefarious Magneto (Ian McKellen), who believes humans and mutants can never co-exist, unveils his sinsiter plan for the future!

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Who's making X-Men: Crew List

A look at the X-Men behind-the-scenes crew and production team. The film's director Bryan Singer last directed Bohemian Rhapsody and X-Men: Apocalypse. The film's writer Joss Whedon last wrote The Avengers: Age of Ultron and The Cabin in the Woods.

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Production: What we know about X-Men?

Filming Timeline

  1. 2004 - December: The film was set to Completed  status.

X-Men Release Date: When was the film released?

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X-Men was a release in 2000 on Friday, July 14, 2000.

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