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The Bikeriders

A furious drama following the rise of a fictional 1960s Midwestern motorcycle club through the lives of its members.
Boyd Holbrook, Tom Hardy, and Norman Reedus, Michael Shannon, Jeff Nichols, Mike Faist, Jodie Comer, Austin Butler


The story of Ronald Reagan's life from boyhood to Hollywood actor to leader of the free world.
Sean McNamara, Justin Chatwin, Penelope Ann Miller, Amanda Righetti, Elya Baskin, Howie Klausner, Jon Voight, David Henrie

Final Summer

We head back to 1991, after a long summer of fun and games at Camp Silverlake in the woods, where organizers are preparing to shut down the camp after the final season before it is sold off to developers. But there's something – or someone – waiting in the darkness to exact bloody revenge on the unsuspecting campers. Who is the masked menace and what do they want? Heat turns to horror in Final Summer – an old-school style, endlessly entertaining horror, with bucketloads of blood, jump scares and no shortage of macabre murders.
Thom Mathews, Bishop Stevens, John Isberg, Carl Bailey, Seth Boyer, Nora Yates, Jace Jamison, Jessica Kadish

Black Noise

An elite team of security contractors is deployed to rescue a VIP on an exclusive island. They discover the island devoid of human life: the neighborhoods abandoned, the streets eerily vacant. As they press further into the island, they are confronted by masked gunmen, deadly, unknown technology and an unfamiliar droning sound that is inescapable. As the threats intensify so does the sound, gaining in volume and deadly side effects. The rescue mission evolves into a desperate attempt to survive, escaping the island and the sinister presence that seeks to harm them.
Jackson Rathbone, Philippe Martinez, Alex Pettyfer, Eve Mauro, Niki Spiridakos

Salem's Lot

A writer returns to the town of Jerusalem's Lot, where he lived as a young boy, only to discover everyone he used to know is now a vampire.
James Wan, William Sadler, Gary Dauberman, Roy Lee, Pilou Asbæk, Mark Wolper, Michael Clear, Lewis Pullman

White Bird

In White Bird, we follow Julian (Bryce Gheisar), who has struggled to belong ever since he was expelled from his former school for his treatment of Auggie Pullman. To transform his life, Julian’s grandmother (Helen Mirren) finally reveals to Julian her own story of courage — during her youth in Nazi-occupied France, a boy shelters her from mortal danger. They find first love in a stunning, magical world of their own creation, while the boy’s mother (Gillian Anderson) risks everything to keep her safe.
Marc Forster, Mark Bomback, David Hoberman, Todd LIeberman, Helen Mirren, Ariella Glaser, Orlando Schwerdt, R.J. Palacio

The Passenger

Randy (Johnny Berchtold) is perfectly content fading into the background. But when his coworker Benson (Kyle Gallner) goes on a sudden and violent rampage leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, Randy is forced to face his fears and confront his troubled past to survive.
Carter Smith, Liza Weil, Kyle Gallner, Johnny Berchtold, Merah Benoit, Morgana Shaw

Once Within a Time

Celebrated director Godfrey Reggio (Koyaanisqatsi) returns after ten years with a new experimental film unlike any other from his already daring career: a bardic fairy tale about the end of the world and the beginning of a new one, tinged with apocalyptic comedy, rapturous cinematography, unforgettable vistas, and the innocence and hopes of a new generation. Featuring an electrifying score composed by Reggio’s longtime collaborator Philip Glass with additional vocals from Sussan Deyhim and co-directed by veteran editor and filmmaker Jon Kane, Once Within a Time is the indie revelation of the year.
Godfrey Reggio, Jon Kane, Mike Tyson, Sussan Deyhim, John Flax, Miriam Kramer

Hidden Strike

Two ex-special forces soldiers must escort a group of civilians along Baghdad's "Highway of Death" to the safety of the Green Zone.
Jackie Chan, Zhenwei Wang, John Cena, Scott Waugh, Pilou Asbæk, Max Huang, Arash Amel, Rachael Holoway

Sesame Street

A musical inspired by the Sesame Street theme song - the lead characters get lost in NYC and try to find their way back to Sesame Street.
Anne Hathaway, Shawn Levy, Mark Gordon, Michael Aguilar, Bo Burnham, Jonathan Krisel, Guymon Casady, Mike Rosolio


Follows a sociopath who escapes from a mental institution and invades the home of a 90's popstar.
Alba Baptista, Ray Nicholson, Samara Weaving, Catherine Lough Haggquist, Jimmy Warden, Eric Dane, Jimmie Fails

The Last Train to New York

Set during a zombie virus outbreak and focuses on the struggle of a group of passengers on a train bound for New York.
James Wan, Timo Tjahjanto, Gary Dauberman

The Cost

Set over a gripping 48 hours, Matthew Holmes' film The Cost tells the story of two ordinary men David (Jordan Fraser-Trumble) and Aaron (Damon Hunter) who abduct a newly released felon Troy (Kevin Dee) who committed a horrific crime years before. Intent on delivering their own brutal form of justice, David and Aaron come face-to-face with the man who destroyed their lives. But will they succeed in their violent quest for justice – or will the true cost of vengeance prove to be too high?
Kevin Dee, Clayton Watson, Nicole Pastor, Mark Redpath, Matthew Holmes, Jordan Fraser-Trumble, Damon Hunter, Nadia Fragnito


When her world is threatened by a loss of sunlight, a young girl must overcome her fears and journey to a fantastical city, save her father from a mysterious scientist and prevent the destruction of her planet.
Sam Neill, Tim Minchin, Mark Coles Smith, Dylan Alcott, Ricard Cussó, Tania Vincent, Jillian Nguyen, Anna Torv

Strange Way of Life

A man rides a horse across the desert that separates him from Bitter Creek. He comes to visit Sheriff Jake. 25 years earlier, both the sheriff and Silva, the rancher who rides out to meet him, worked together as hired gunmen. Silva visits him with the excuse of reuniting with his friend from his youth, and they do indeed celebrate their meeting, but the next morning Sheriff Jake tells him that the reason for his trip is not to go down the memory lane of their old friendship…
Pedro Pascal, Ethan Hawke, Manu Ríos, Pedro Casablanc, Pedro Almodovar, Jason Fernández, José Condessa, Daniel Rived

Infinity Pool

While staying at an isolated island resort, James (Alexander Skarsgård) and Em (Cleopatra Coleman) are enjoying a perfect vacation of pristine beaches, exceptional staff, and soaking up the sun. But guided by the seductive and mysterious Gabi (Mia Goth), they venture outside the resort grounds and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror. A tragic accident leaves them facing a zero tolerance policy for crime: either you’ll be executed, or, if you’re rich enough to afford it, you can watch yourself die instead.
Brandon Cronenberg, Mia Goth, Alexander Skarsgard, Amanda Brugel, Thomas Kretschmann, Cleopatra Coleman, John Ralston

All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt

Tender caresses and enveloping embraces are portals into the life of Mack, a Black woman in Mississippi. Winding through the anticipation, love, and heartbreak she experiences from childhood to adulthood, the expressionist journey is an ode to connection — with loved ones and with place.
Charleen McClure, Sheila Atim, Raven Jackson, Moses Ingram, Reginald Helms Jr., Zainab Jah, Chris Chalk

Red One

Described as a globe-trotting, four-quadrant action-adventure comedy which imagines a whole new universe to explore within the holiday genre.
Dwayne Johnson, J.K. Simmons, Dany Garcia, Chris Morgan, Chris Evans, Kiernan Shipka, Bonnie Hunt, Jake Kasdan

Black Mold

While exploring a decrepit and abandoned facility, an auspicious photographer faces off against her traumatic past.
John Pata, Andrew Bailes, Agnes Albright, Caito Aase, Maisie Merlock, Jeremy Holm

Force of Nature

In Force of Nature, when five women take part in a corporate hiking retreat and only four come out on the other side, Federal Agents Aaron Falk and Carmen Cooper head deep into the Victorian mountain ranges to investigate in the hopes of finding their whistle-blowing informant, Alice Russell, alive.
Eric Bana, Richard Roxburgh, Deborra-Lee Furness, Robert Connolly, Lucy Ansell, Anna Torv, Robin McLeavy, Sisi Stringer

Being Mortal

A story around end-of-life and hospice care.
Youree Henley, Bill Murray, Keke Palmer, Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogen


No plot details have been announced.
Lucy Hale, Peter Stass, Grant Gustin

The Haunting In Wicker Park

True Haunting tells the story of the first televised exorcism on NBC in 1971.
Jamie Campbell Bower, Richard D’Ovidio, Erin Moriarty, Gary Fleder

Showing Up

A sculptor (Michelle Williams) preparing to open a new show must balance her creative life with the daily dramas of family and friends, in Kelly Reichardt’s vibrant and captivatingly funny portrait of art & craft.
Andre Benjamin, Judd Hirsch, Neil Kopp, Vincent Savino, Anish Savjani, Jonathan Raymond, John Magaro, Kelly Reichardt


New York sportswriter Mack (Gina Rodriguez) has spent years devising successful hook-up “plays” with best friend Adam (Damon Wayans Jr.) and their crew, but when she unexpectedly falls head-over-heels for one of her targets (Tom Ellis), they all must learn what it takes to go from simply scoring to playing for keeps.
Adam Siegel, Damon Wayans Jr., Marc Platt, Trish Sie, Ryan Christians, Ross Dinerstein, Whit Anderson, Gina Rodriguez
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