April 2010 Movies

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Clash of the Titans PG-13

In "Clash of the Titans," the ultimate struggle for power pits men against kings and kings against gods. But the war between the gods themselves could destroy the world. Born of a god but raised as a man, Perseus (Sam Worthington) is helpless to save his family from Hades (Ralph Fiennes), vengeful god of the underworld. With nothing left to lose, Perseus volunteers to lead a dangerous mission to defeat Hades before he can seize power from Zeus (Liam Neeson) and unleash hell on earth. Leading a daring band of warriors, Perseus sets off on a perilous journey deep into forbidden worlds. Battling unholy demons and fearsome beasts, he will only survive if he can accept his power as a god, defy his fate and create his own destiny.
Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson, Louis Leterrier, Basil Iwanyk, Nicholas Hoult, Luke Evans
Drama Action Adventure Fantasy Remake 3D Post-3D

Tyler Perry's Why Did I Get Married Too PG-13

Reuniting the same charismatic cast and characters from his hit comedy/drama, "Why Did I Get Married?", Tyler Perry brings us the next chapter in the lives of eight college friends struggling with the challenges of marital life in "Why Did I Get Married Too".

Gathered together in the Bahamas for their annual one-week reunion, four close couples eagerly reconnect, sharing news about their lives and relationships. But their intimate week in paradise is disrupted by the unexpected arrival of Sheila’s ex-husband, Mike, who hopes to break up her new marriage with Troy and win her back. The others soon realize they too are not immune to the challenges of commitment and fidelity. Angela doesn’t believe her husband, Marcus, can be faithful now that he’s a celebrity television newscaster. Dianne and Terry’s relationship is feeling the strain of raising children. And Patricia, a successful self-help psychologist, must finally reveal the deep flaws in her seemingly perfect marriage to Gavin. With their relationships hanging in the balance when they return home, each couple must choose between blame and forgiveness, doubt and faith, with life-altering consequences…
Tyler Perry, Malik Yoba, Sharon Leal, Janet Jackson, Tasha Smith, Jill Scott, Lamman Rucker
Drama Comedy Sequel

The Thorn in the Heart

Michel Gondry's documentary is a personal look at the life of Gondry family matriarch, his aunt Suzette Gondry, and her relationship with her son, Jean-Yves. Michel examines Suzette's years as a school teacher and her life in rural France. During the course of filming the documentary, Michel unearths new family stories and uses his camera to explore them in a subtle and sensitive way.
Michel Gondry, Suzette Gondry, Jean-Yves

Warlords R

Based on the story of "The Assassination of Ma." Three blood brothers struggle in the midst of war and political upheaval.
Jet Li, Wai-Man Chan, Andy Lau, Peter Chan
Action Adventure War Foreign
New York / Los Angeles
3 / 5
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The Secret of Kells

Nominated for an Academy Award, the animated movie looks at the boy behind the famed Book of Kells.
Tomm Moore, Brendan Gleeson, Nora Twomey, Fabrice Ziolkowski, Evan McGuire, Christen Mooney

City Island PG-13

No plot details have been announced.
Ezra Miller, Andy Garcia, Emily Mortimer, Raymond De Felitta, Lauren Versel, Zachary Matz, Paul Diomede, Julianna Margulies
Drama Comedy Family

The Greatest R

After the tragic loss of their teenage son, a family is again thrown into turmoil by the arrival of a young woman.
Pierce Brosnan, Aaron Johnson, Shana Feste, Susan Sarandon, Carey Mulligan, Johnny Simmons
New York / Los Angeles
3 / 5
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Date Night PG-13

Tina Fey and Steve Carell will play a married couple who find their routine date night becomes much more than just dinner and a movie.
Taraji P. Henson, Steve Carell, Kristen Wiig, Shawn Levy, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Tina Fey, James Franco
Comedy Romance

Letters to God PG

A young boy fighting cancer writes letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and community and inspiring hope among everyone he comes in contact. An unsuspecting substitute postman, with a troubled life of his own, becomes entangled in the boy's journey and his family by reading the letters. They inspire him to seek a better life for himself and his own son he's lost through his alcohol addiction.
David Nixon

La Mission R

A reformed inmate and recovering alcoholic, Che has worked hard to redeem his life and do right by his pride and joy: his only son, Jes, whom he has raised on his own after the death of his wife. Che's path to redemption is tested, however, when he discovers Jes is gay. To survive his neighborhood, Che has always lived with his fists. To survive as a complete man, he'll have to embrace a side of himself he's never shown.
Benjamin Bratt, Peter Bratt

After.Life R

The story chronicles a young woman in a transitional state between life and death who fights to avoid being buried alive and the funeral director who holds her fate in his hands.
Justin Long, Liam Neeson, Josh Charles, Agnieszka Vosloo, Christina Ricci
Drama Thriller Suspense

When You're Strange R

A look at the late '60s and early '70s rock band The Doors, including rare exclusive footage. Narrated by Johnny Depp.
Johnny Depp, Tom DiCillo, John Densmore
Documentary Music

Women Without Men NR

Against the tumultuous backdrop of Iran's 1953 CIA-backed coup d'état, the destinies of four women converge in a beautiful orchard garden, where they find independence, solace and companionship.
Los Angeles
3 / 5
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The Runaways R

A rough and tumble coming-of-age drama about the '70s teenage band the Runaways. Widely believed at the time to have been a novelty act formed by producer Kim Fowley, who thought the notion of five teenage girls dressed in leather and lingerie performing rock and roll music was highly marketable, the truth of the band's origin is actually that the individual parts that made up the whole, began with the most pure rock 'n' roll intentions. Despite the apparent "jailbait on the run" gimmick pushed by their manager, the girls in the band were proficient at playing their instruments and wrote or co-wrote most of the band's material and, as later became obvious, were serious about their music.
Kristen Stewart, Art Linson, Dakota Fanning, Scout Taylor-Compton, Alessandra Torresani, Brett Cullen, Floria Sigismondi, John Linson

Who Do You Love

A biopic about music impresario and renowned record company executive Leonard Chess.
Jerry Zaks, Peter Wortmann, Bob Conte, David Oyelowo, Jon Abrahams
Drama Biography Music

Valley of the Heart's Delight

A young maverick reporter goes up against the hard-boiled publisher of the local newspaper after two lynchings take place in town in reaction to the kidnapping of the son of a prominent businessman.
Pete Postlethwaite, Emily Harrison, Tim Boxell, Billie Greif, Scott Rosenfelt, Bruce McGill, Gabriel Mann, Diana Scarwid

It Came from Kuchar NR

A documentary about the zany, underground filmmaking twins, George and Mike Kuchar.
Jennifer M. Kroot

The Square R

A stylish, twist-filled film noir, THE SQUARE centers on an adulterous couple whose scheming leads to arson, blackmail and murder. Escaping the monotony of a loveless marriage, Raymond becomes entangled in an affair with the beautiful and troubled Carla. Ray’s moral limits are tested when Carla presents him with the proceeds of her controlling husband’s latest crime. This is their chance: Take the money and run. If only it were that simple...

The seed is planted and Ray, fearing he will lose his love, engineers the plan. Hiring a professional arsonist becomes a fatal error, and the plan goes horribly wrong. Alarm bells sound and suspicions are raised, but miraculously, the dust looks to settle. After all...Nobody knows. Then the first blackmail note arrives. The couple’s nerves are tested as both Carla’s husband and the mystery author threaten to throw open their secret. With the blackmailer’s deadline approaching they are going to find out just how far they are willing to go for love.
Joel Edgerton, David Roberts, Nash Edgerton, Claire Bloom, Anthony Hayes
New York / Los Angeles
5 / 5
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Kick-Ass R

A high school nerd attempts to reinvent himself as a real-world costumed superhero named Kick-Ass who seems doomed to failure because he's not athletic or coordinated until he runs into real bad guys with real weapons.
Chloë Grace Moretz, Aaron Johnson, Matthew Vaughn, Mark Strong, Nicolas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Kris Thykler
Action Adventure Superhero Adaptation

Death at a Funeral R

An ensemble comedy about a funeral ceremony that leads to the digging up of shocking family secrets, as well as misplaced cadavers and indecent exposure.
Peter Dinklage, Zoe Saldana, Regina Hall, Martin Lawrence, Luke Wilson, Columbus Short, Chris Rock, Share Stallings
Comedy Remake

The Joneses R

Described as a social satire, the movie follows an idyllic family that moves into a suburban neighbourhood and quickly becomes loved and envied by everyone.
David Duchovny, Amber Heard, Derrick Borte, Ben Hollingsworth, Demi Moore, Gary Cole, Doug Mankoff, Peter Principato

Handsome Harry R

An ex-Navy man carrying out the last wish of a dying shipmate renews contact with old friends to break the code of silence around a mysterious, long-buried crime.
Nicholas T. Proferes, Mariann Mayberry, Campbell Scott, Marilyn Haft, Aidan Quinn, Elizabeth Kling, Alan Hruska, Holli Gersh
Drama Crime Mystery

The Perfect Game PG

In 1957, former baseball player Cesar Faz returns home to Mexico as he is defeated by the racism of the Major Leagues. He coaches a local youth league team, leading them all the way to the Little League World Series.
Cheech Marin, William Dear, Mark W. Koch, Daniel de Liege, David Salzberg, Christian Tureaud, W. William Winokur, Clifton Collins Jr.
Drama Biography Sports

El Secreto de Sus Ojos R

A federal justice agent becomes entangled in the investigation of the crime of a young woman, brutally raped and murdered inside her house in a Buenos Aires neighbourhood.
Juan Jose Campanella, Eduardo Sacheri
Drama Crime

The City of Your Final Destination PG-13

28-year-old Kansas University doctoral student Omar Razaghi, has won a grant to write a biography of Latin American writer Jules Gund. Omar must get through to three people who were close to Gund - his brother, widow, and younger mistress - so he can get authorization to write the biography.
Anthony Hopkins, Laura Linney, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Omar Metwally, James Ivory, Ruth Prawer Jhabvala

No One Knows About Persian Cats

Two Iranian band members search for additional musicians and exit visas in order to play a concert in London.
Bahman Ghobadi

Malice in Wonderland R

The story of an American student who is hit by a London taxi and finds herself disoriented in Sunderland, where she has to navigate a macabre underworld of characters.
Maggie Grace, Danny Dyer, Simon Fellows, Jayson Rothwell, Nathaniel Parker

Exit Through the Gift Shop R

The story of an eccentric French shop keeper and amateur film maker attempt to locate and befriend Banksy, one of the most famous graffiti artists, only to have the artist turn the camera back on its owner with spectacular results.
Comedy Documentary
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Cheech & Chong's Hey Watch This R

"Cheech and Chong’s Hey Watch This" is a feature film showcasing the duo’s reunion tour titled "Cheech & Chong: Light Up America", where they performed together for the first time in over 25 years. The duo performed for more than 100 audiences, grossing eight figures, making the act one of the highest grossing tours of 2008-2009.
Cheech Marin, Christian Charles, Tommy Chong, Shelby Chong
Comedy Documentary
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Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D NR

Kenny Chesney, the biggest ticket-seller of this century in any musical genre, has wrapped his latest concert tour, the Sun City Carnival. This coming spring, Sony Pictures Releasing's special programming division, The Hot Ticket, will take audiences for another ride. For a limited engagement beginning in April 2010 in movie theatres nationwide, "Kenny Chesney: Summer in 3D", will give fans the chance to live the fun, the friends, the songs and the moments that make Kenny Chesney the must-see concert experience to kickoff the summer season.
Joe Thomas, Ted Kenney, Kenny Chesney
Documentary Music 3D Shot-In-3D

Oceans G

Nearly three-quarters of the earth's surface is covered by oceans. French co-directors Jacques Perrin and Jacques Cluzaud have set out to capture the full expanse of these waters that have played such a crucial and constant role in the history and sustenance of man. The deep and abundant oceans are places of great mysteries and dangers that this film will dare to explore.
Pierce Brosnan, John Collee, Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud
Drama Documentary

The Losers PG-13

A small band of elite and highly trained commandos are set up to be killed by their own government. They set out to avenge the wrong, as well as avenge other injustices.
Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Idris Elba, James Vanderbilt, Sylvain White, Akiva Goldsman, Columbus Short, Oscar Jaenada, Joel Silver
Action Adventure Thriller Superhero

The Back-Up Plan PG-13

The story centers on a single woman (Jennifer Lopez) who turns to artificial insemination to answer her ticking biological clock only to meet the man of her dreams on the same day as her positive pregnancy test results.
Todd Black, Jennifer Lopez, Melissa McCarthy, Michaela Watkins, Eric Christian Olsen, Alan Poul, Jake Blumenthal, Steve Tisch
Comedy Romance

Hey, Hey, It's Esther Blueburger PG-13

The film is a comedy about a 13-year-old's adventures as she attempts to navigate the pressures of family, school and her impending bat mitzvah.
Cathy Randall, Miriam Stein, Toni Collette, Keisha Castle-Hughes, Danielle Catanzariti, Heather Ogilvie, Stephen Hays
Drama Comedy

Behind the Burly Q

The documentary explores the history of burlesque in the United States through interviews with the performers.
Leslie Zemeckis

Boogie Woogie R

A dark comedic look at how the well-to-do in London attempt to impress one another.
Stellan Skarsgard, Gillian Anderson, Duncan Ward, Amanda Seyfried, Alan Cumming

In My Sleep PG-13

A man, who suffers from sleepwalking, wakes up in a graveyard with a bloody knife in his hand and then discovers that his best friend's wife has been stabbed to death.
Lacey Chabert, Allen Wolf, Philip Winchester, Beth Grant
Drama Thriller

Paper Man R

A once-successful novelist (Jeff Daniels), constantly attended by the imaginary superhero who has been his pal since he was a kid, struggles to recover what made him great while watching his marriage fail. He derives some inspiration from his platonic friendship with a Cape Cod high-school girl.
Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Hunter Parrish, Michele Mulroney, Lisa Kudrow, Kieran Mulroney, RIchard Gladstein, Guymon Casady

The Good, The Bad, The Weird R

The story of three Korean outlaws in 1930s Manchuria and their dealings with the Japanese army and Chinese and Russian bandits.
Ji-woon Kim, Woo-sung Jung, Byung-hun Lee, Kang-ho Song, Ji-won Uhm

Best Worst Movie NR

A documentary about the making of the Troll 2 and the movie's journey from being crowned the worst film of all time to a cherished cult classic.
Michael Stephenson

Anton Chekhov's The Duel

Set in a seaside resort, an aristocratic civil servant convinces his mistress to leave her husband, but later seeks to abandon her.
Dover Koshashvili

A Nightmare On Elm Street R

Freddy Krueger, a murdered serial child killer, returns with a burned face and razor glove to terrorize teens in their dreams.
Michael Bay, Rooney Mara, Jackie Earle Haley, Connie Britton, Walter Hamada, Brad Fuller, Andrew Form, Samuel Bayer
Suspense Horror Remake Teen

Furry Vengeance PG

The project will follow a smug Portland, Ore., real estate developer who accepts a challenge from his real estate mogul boss to develop a pristine forest in the hopes of being promoted to partner. He gets more than he bargained for when the area's animal residents start taking their revenge on him and wreak havoc on his every attempt to develop the land.
Roger Kumble, Ken Jeong, Josh Gilbert, Brendan Fraser, Skyler Samuels, Brooke Shields, Robert Simonds, Keith Goldberg
Comedy Family

Harry Brown R

Michael Caine stars as a vigilante in an "urban western" setting. The movie will focus on Caine's character, who dispenses vigilante justice in a crime-infested neighborhood after his best friend is killed.
Kris Thykier, Michael Caine, Emily Mortimer, Iain Glen, Keith Bell, Daniel Barber, Liam Cunningham, Amy Steel
Drama Western Crime

The Human Centipede (First Sequence) R

Two American girls are on a road trip through Europe. In Germany, they end up alone at night when their car breaks down in the woods. They search for help and find an isolated villa. The next day they awake to find themselves trapped in a makeshift basement hospital along with a Japanese man. An older German man identifies himself as a retired surgeon specialized in separating Siamese twins, however his three "patients" are not about to be separated, but joined together in a horrific operation.
Tom Six

Mercy R

A young novelist tries to write about love, but realizes he will first need some real-life experience before taking on the subject.
Erika Christensen, Dylan McDermott, Patrick Hoelck, Scott Caan, Troy Garity, James Caan
Drama Romance

Please Give R

Kate (Catherine Keener) and Alex (Oliver Platt) and their teenage daughter Abby purchase the apartment next door in order to expand their two bedroom Manhattan apartment. Their only problem is the old cranky lady, Andra, living in it, and that they've got to wait for her to die. Andra is cared for by her sweet granddaughter Rebecca (Rebecca Hall) who has no life, and is blatantly rejected by her other highly cynical granddaughter, Mary (Amanda Peet). Simply waiting for Andra to die becomes complicated when the two families' lives intersect, resulting in a dramatic comedy about love, death, and liberal guilt from Nicole Holofcener ("Friends with Money," "Lovely & Amazing").
Amanda Peet, Nicole Holofcener, Catherine Keener, Rebecca Hall, Oliver Platt, Sarah Steele
Drama Comedy

The Good Heart R

Ryan Gosling plays a young homeless man named Lucas who is taken under the wing of Jacques (Tom Waits), a bar owner from his fifth heart attack. Knowing his days are numbered, Jacques decides to train Lucas to take over his bar.
Brian Cox, Paul Dano, Dagur Kári, Skuli Fr. Malmquist, Thor Sigurjonsson, Stephanie Szostak, Joni Sighvatsson
New York / Los Angeles
2 / 5
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Acts of Violence R

A man is on a mission to kill the men who raped his wife. He finds an unexpected friend, a priest, as he deals with the gravity of his acts.
Ron Perlman, Il Lim, Leelee Sobieski
Los Angeles
1 / 5
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In My Sleep PG-13

A man, who suffers from sleepwalking, wakes up in a graveyard with a bloody knife in his hand and then discovers that his best friend's wife has been stabbed to death.
Lacey Chabert, Allen Wolf, Philip Winchester, Beth Grant
Drama Thriller

Phish 3D

3D concert footage from Phish's Festival 8.
Lawrence Jordan, Eli Tishberg, Wayne Miller
Concert 3D Shot-In-3D