April 2011 Movies

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Hop PG

While driving home late one night, an out of work slacker runs over the Easter Bunny. When the bunny can't hop because his leg is broken, the slacker must train to take over the job and save Easter.
Bill Hader, John Cohen, James Marsden, Fred O'Hare, Tim Hill, Gary Cole, Chris Meledandri, Cinco Paul
Comedy Family Live-Action/CGI

The King's Speech PG-13

A biopic of King George VI -- father of Queen Elizabeth II -- as he reluctantly assumes the throne after his brother abdicates.
Jennifer Ehle, Guy Pearce, Derek Jacobi, Tom Hooper, Iain Canning, Emile Sherman, Gareth Unwin, David Seidler
Drama Biography

Source Code PG-13

Being kept under wraps, but said to involve time travel.
Vera Farmiga, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Duncan Jones, Mark Gordon, Philippe Rousselet, Jordan Wynn, Ben Ripley
Drama Fantasy Thriller Sci-Fi

Insidious PG-13

A young family makes the terrifying discovery that the body of their comatose son has become a conduit for the supernatural, while his consciousness is held hostage in the dark and insidious realm known as The Further.
Rose Byrne, Patrick Wilson, Lin Shaye, Jason Blum, Leigh Whannell, Steven Schneider, Barbara Hershey, James Wan
Thriller Horror

Cat Run R

Childhood best friends decide to start a detective agency. Unfortunately for them, after their first case, they are running from the mob, a corrupt US Senator and a ruthless Mary Poppins-like assassin.
John Stockwell, Nick Ball, John Niven, Paz Vega, Christopher McDonald, Tony Curran, Scott Mechlowicz
Action Comedy

Trust R

A dark drama about the damaging effects an online sexual predator has on a family. Clive Owen and Catherine Keener will play the parents of a 14-year-old girl who are stunned to discover she has been victimized by an adult who gained her trust posing as a teenager on a chat room.
Liana Liberato, David Schwimmer, Catherine Keener, Viola Davis, Avi Lerner, Heidi Jo Markel, Bob Greenhut, Clive Owen

Wrecked R

A man trapped in a car wreck at the bottom of a ravine must overcome incredible odds to survive.
Adrien Brody, Michael Greenspan, Christopher Dodd, Ryan Robbins, Adrian Holmes, Caroline Dhavernas
Thriller Suspense

The Last Godfather PG-13

Story centers on a Mafia boss who trains his mentally impaired son as his successor.
Jason Mewes, Shim Hyung-rae, Alec Sokolow, Joel Cohen, Harvey Keitel
Comedy Crime Gangster

Queen to Play

A hotel maid's growing interest in chess is nurtured by her American employer.
Caroline Bottaro, Kevin Kline, Jennifer Beals
New York / Los Angeles
4 / 5
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Super R

The story centers on an average guy who takes on the pseudo-superhero alter ego of the Crimson Bolt, after watching his wife fall under the spell of a charming drug dealer. Lacking super powers, he compensates by swinging a trusty wrench.
Ellen Page, Kevin Bacon, Ted Hope, James Gunn, Rainn Wilson, Liv Tyler, Nathan Fillion, Linda Cardellini

Rubber R

The unlikely story of a murderous tire with terrifying telepathic powers.
Quentin Dupieux, Thomas F. Duffy
Suspense Horror

In a Better World R

Anton is a doctor who commutes between his home in an idyllic town in Denmark, and his work at an African refugee camp. In these two very different worlds, he and his family are faced with conflicts that lead them to difficult choices between revenge and forgiveness. Anton and his wife Marianne, who have two young sons, are separated and struggling with the possibility of divorce. Their older, ten-year-old son Elias is being bullied at school, until he is defended by Christian, a new boy who has just moved from London with his father, Claus. Christian's mother recently lost her battle with cancer, and Christian is greatly troubled by her death. Elias and Christian quickly form a strong bond, but when Christian involves Elias in a dangerous act of revenge with potentially tragic consequences, their friendship is tested and lives are put in danger. Ultimately, it is their parents who are left to help them come to terms with the complexity of human emotions, pain and empathy.
Susanne Bier, Anders Thomas Jensen


Set within a century-old traveling circus, a Mexican family struggles to stay together despite mounting debt, dwindling audiences, and a simmering family conflict that threatens this once-vibrant family tradition.
Aaron Schock
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Blank City

A disparate crew of renegade filmmakers who emerged from an economically bankrupt and dangerous moment in New York history.
Celine Danhier

Soul Surfer PG

A competitive teen surfer is attacked by a shark but she survives the loss of her left arm and returns to surfing.
AnnaSophia Robb, Helen Hunt, Seth Goldberg, Dennis Quaid, Sean McNamara, Michel Shane, Carrie Underwood, Anthony Romano
Drama Biography Teen

Hanna PG-13

A 14-year-old raised by her father to be a cold-hearted killing machine must learn how to be a girl.
Saoirse Ronan, Tom Hollander, Olivia Williams, Joe Wright, Marty Adelstein, Scott Nemes, David Farr, Eric Bana
Drama Thriller

Arthur PG-13

A boozy playboy rascal is set to inherit a fortune if he marries an heiress his family thinks will make something out of him. However, he falls in love with a working-class woman and turns to his valet for help when his family makes him choose between money and love.
Greta Gerwig, Helen Mirren, Chris Bender, Jennifer Garner, Larry Brezner, Jason Winer, Kevin McCormick, Peter Baynham
Comedy Remake

Your Highness R

An arrogant, lazy prince must complete a quest to save his father's kingdom.
Natalie Portman, Justin Theroux, David Gordon Green, James Franco, Scott Bernstein, Ben Best, Danny R. McBride, Charles Dance
Adventure Comedy Period

Meet Monica Velour R

A young man travels cross-country to meet his dream woman, a 1980s cinema siren who is now a 50-year-old single mother in the middle of a child custody battle.
Dustin Ingram, Keith Bearden, Kim Cattrall, Keith David, Sam McMurray, Brian Dennehy
New York / Los Angeles
4 / 5
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Thank You

Raj, Yogi and Vikram – best friends, business partners, serial womanizers and happily married. Happy, because their lovely wives have no clue that their husbands cheat on them with every pretty young thing they can lay their eyes on. This picture perfect world is rocked when Raj’s wife, Sanjana begins to suspect her husband and hires the suave private detective, Kishan, to tail him.
Anees Bazmee, Akshay Kumar, Bobby Deol, Irrfan Khan
Comedy Romance

No Eres Tú, Soy Yo PG-13

Javier wishes for one thing in life: be happy with Maria, but soon after the wedding, destiny changes their plans.
Alejandro Springall, Eugenio Derbez, Alejandra Barros
Comedy Romance

American: The Bill Hicks Story

An animated documentary drama on the legendary Texas outlaw comic Bill Hicks.
Paul Thomas, Matt Harlock
Biography Documentary

Ceremony R

The comedy follows a young man (Eisenberg) who falls hard for an older woman about to be married. The infatuation prompts him to take along his unwitting friend (Angarano) to a beach town in an effort to break up the wedding. Upon arriving, the young men quickly realize just how out of place they are among the stately British groom-to-be and his guests.
Uma Thurman, Max Winkler, Darlene Caamano Loquet, Emilio Diez Barroso, Polly Cohen, Matt Spicer, Michael Angarano, Jesse Eisenberg

Henry's Crime R

The film is a romantic comedy in which Keanu Reeves will play a big-hearted man who is falsely accused of robbing a bank in Buffalo.
Stephen Hamel, Vera Farmiga, James Caan, Malcolm Venville, Lemore Syvan, Sacha Gervasi, Keanu Reeves, Peter Stormare
Comedy Romance

Born to be Wild G

This film documents orphaned orangutans and elephants and the extraordinary people who rescue and raise them--saving endangered species one life at a time.
David Lickley, Drew Fellman, Morgan Freeman
Documentary 3D Shot-In-3D

They're Out Of The Business

A decade and a half after their seminal indie film launched meteoric filmmaking careers, Splick and Jason find themselves staring at their own individual, pre-midlife crises.
Eric Schaeffer, Donal Lardner Ward, Chip Hourihan

Meeting Spencer R

A famed stage director returns to New York looking to relaunch his Broadway career after a series of flops in Hollywood. At dinner with an old flame and a struggling actor, the once-famous stage director becomes increasingly frantic as his attempts to raise money for his comeback spiral out of control into a wild night of comic misadventure.
Malcolm Mowbray, Jeffrey Tambor, Jesse Plemons

Exodus Fall

Set in 1974 Texas, three teen siblings struggle with the death of their father and try to live with their abusive mother. When one of the teens is sent away because the mother can't cope with his autism, the oldest of the siblings devises a plan to get their brother back and embark on a life changing adventure across the Southwest in their deceased father's station wagon.
Ankush Kohli, Chad Waterhouse

Meek's Cutoff PG

The year is 1845, the earliest days of the Oregon Trail, and a wagon train of three families has hired mountain man Stephen Meek to guide them over the Cascade Mountains. Claiming to know a shortcut, Meek leads the group on an unmarked path across the high plain desert, only to become lost in the dry rock and sage. Over the coming days, the emigrants face the scourges of hunger, thirst and their own lack of faith in one another’s instincts for survival. When a Native American wanderer crosses their path, the emigrants are torn between their trust in a guide who has proven himself unreliable and a man who has always been seen as a natural born enemy.
Michelle Williams, Kelly Reichardt, Paul Dano, Bruce Greenwood, Shirley Henderson, Zoe Kazan


Set within a century-old traveling circus, a Mexican family struggles to stay together despite mounting debt, dwindling audiences, and a simmering family conflict that threatens this once-vibrant family tradition.
Aaron Schock
Los Angeles
3 / 5
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A Screaming Man

Adam, a former swimming champion in his sixties, is a pool attendant at a hotel in Chad. When the hotel gets taken over by new Chinese owners, he is forced to give up his job to his son, Abdel, leaving Adam humiliated and resentful. Meanwhile the country is in the throes of a civil war. Rebel forces are attacking the government and the authorities demand the people contribute to the "war effort" with money or volunteers old enough to fight. Adam is constantly harassed for his contribution, but he is penniless. In a moment of weakness, Adam makes a decision that he will forever regret.
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun
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Rio G

A nerdy macaw from small-town Minnesota takes off on an adventure to Rio de Janeiro.
Neil Patrick Harris, Anne Hathaway, George Lopez, Rodrigo Santoro, Carlos Saldanha, Christopher Jenkins, Don Rhymer, Jake T. Austin
Adventure Comedy Family Animation 3D

Scream 4 R

"Scream 4" sees the return of the three main characters, along with a group of new stars. Said to jump-start a proposed new trilogy of the franchise.
Kristen Bell, Wes Craven, Hayden Panettiere, Rory Culkin, Neve Campbell, Britt Robertson, Iya Labunka, Bob Weinstein
Sequel Thriller Suspense Horror

The Conspirator PG-13

The story of Mary Surratt, alleged conspirator of Abraham Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth.
Stephen Root, Alexis Bledel, Web Stone, Robin Wright, Justin Long, Tom Wilkinson, Robert Redford, Greg Shapiro
Drama Historical

Square Grouper R

A documentary about Miami's pot smuggling culture in the 1970s and 1980s through three colorful stories of marijuana smugglers.
Billy Corben, Alfred Spellman, Lindsey Snell

The Imperialists Are Still Alive!

A variety of young emigres working in upper-class New York City while dealing with issues of assimilation and xenophobia.
Zeina Durra

Dumbstruck PG

A look at the Vent Haven Convention, which bills itself as the ventriloquism capital of the world.
Mark Goffman, Lindsay Goffman

The Double Hour

A former cop is a luckless veteran of the speed-dating scene in Turin, but much to his surprise, he meets a chambermaid at a high-end hotel and the two hit it off. After they leave the city for a romantic getaway in the country, things suddenly take a dark turn. As Sonia's murky past resurfaces, her reality starts to crumble.
Giuseppe Capotondi
Thriller Mystery

Fly Away NR

Based on the award-winning short Flying Lessons, Fly Away tells the moving story of a single mother, Jeanne, grappling with the challenge of raising her autistic teenage daughter, Mandy. As Mandy becomes more and more unmanageable, so too does Jeanne's life. Over the period of two weeks, Jeanne is confronted with the most difficult decision a parent can make: to let go, allowing her child to grow, but also grow apart, or to hold on tight and fall together.
Janet Grillo, JR Bourne, Beth Broderick, Greg Germann, Elaine Hall

Atlas Shrugged Part 1 PG-13

After an economic collapse in the near-future United States, its top innovators and industrialists mysteriously disappear amid the growing power of politicians.
Patrick Fischler, John Aglialoro, Harmon Kaslow, Brian Patrick O'Toole, Nick Cassavetes, Paul Johansson, Grant Bowler, Michael Lerner
Drama Political

The Princess of Montpensier

To increase his family’s prestige, the Marquis de Mézières forces Marie to marry the Prince de Montpensier, whom she has never met.
Bertrand Tavernier
Drama Action Romance
New York / Los Angeles
4 / 5
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In February 2009, documentary filmmaker Janus Metz accompanied a group of Danish soldiers at Armadillo, an army base in the southern Afghan province of Helmand. Metz and cameraman Lars Skree spent six months following the lives of young soldiers situated less than a kilometer away from Taliban positions.
Janus Metz Pedersen
War Documentary

Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family PG-13

Based on Tyler Perry's play of the same name. Shirley learns that she has terminal cancer and only a few weeks to live so she decides to get her family together to tell them the news.
Loretta Devine, Tyler Perry, Isaiah Mustafa, Bow Wow

Water for Elephants PG-13

A 90-year-old man reminisces about his life during the Depression, when he found work at a B-level circus taking care of the animals. He sees the brutality of circus life while falling for the wife of an abusive animal trainer.
Reese Witherspoon, Francis Lawrence, Gil Netter, Andrew Tennenbaum, Art's Erwin Stoff, Richard LaGravenese, Leonard Hartman, Robert Pattinson

African Cats G

A look at how three cats -- a lioness, a leopard and a cheetah -- survive in the African plains.
Keith Scholey, Alastair Fothergill

The Bang Bang Club R

Four combat photographers capturing the final days of apartheid in South Africa.
Ryan Phillippe, Taylor Kitsch, Steven Silver, Malin Akerman, Patrick Lyster
Drama War

Dum Maaro Dum R

A crime thriller set in the tourist hotspot of Goa, India.
Rohan Sippy, Shridhar Raghavan, Abhishek Bachchan, Bipasha Basu
Thriller Crime

When Harry Tries To Marry PG-13

When Harry Tries to Marry is a cross-cultural romantic comedy about a young Indian-born bachelor who lives in New York City. Harry's handsome and charming, but he’s cynical about love. He's never really gotten over his parents' divorce -- they were a modern Indian couple who married for love and it didn't last. So to improve his odds of living “happily ever after,” Harry decides to have an arranged marriage, and asks his uncle back home in India to assist him in arranging the introduction to an appropriate Indian woman.

To the dismay of his parents and friends, Harry finds the perfect girl and embarks on a long-distance courtship. But unexpectedly, Harry's friendship with Theresa, a fun and sexy American student, becomes confusing, appealing -- and maybe a little bit romantic. Once Harry, his friends and the entire wedding party converge in India, Harry's plan to avoid romantic risk becomes a recipe for chaos.
Freishia Bomanbehram, Nayan Padrai, Ralph Stein, Rahul Rai, Stefanie Estes, Osvaldo Hernandez, Caitlin Gold, Tony Mirrcandani
Comedy Romance
New York / Los Angeles
2 / 5
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Deep Gold

Shortly after free diver Amy Sanchez breaks a freediving record, her boyfriend, a pilot transporting millions of dollar of gold, mysteriously vanishes.
Michael Gleissner
Action 3D

Incendies R

Twins journey to the Middle East to unearth their family tree.
Denis Villeneuve, Remy Girard, Lubna Azabal, Melissa Desormeaux-Poulin, Maxim Gaudette
Drama Adaptation

Stake Land R

When an epidemic of vampirism strikes, humans find themselves on the run from vicious, feral beasts. Cities are tombs and survivors cling together in rural pockets, fearful of nightfall. When his family is slaughtered, young Martin (Connor Paolo) is taken under the wing of a grizzled, wayward hunter (Nick Damici) whose new prey are the undead.

Simply known as Mister, the vampire stalker takes Martin on a journey through the locked-down towns of America’s heartland, searching for a better place while taking down any bloodsuckers that cross their path. Along the way they recruit fellow travellers, including a nun (Kelly McGillis) who is caught in a crisis of faith when her followers turn into ravenous beasts. This ragtag family unit cautiously moves north, avoiding major thoroughfares that have been seized by The Brethren, a fundamentalist militia headed by Jebedia Loven (Michael Cerveris) that sees the plague as the Lord’s work.
Danielle Harris, Jim Mickle, Nick Damici, Connor Paolo, Kelly McGillis, Sean Nelson, Michael Cerveris
Suspense Horror Vampires

Grave Encounters

Lance Preston (Sean Rogerson) and the crew of "Grave Encounters", a ghost-hunting reality television show, are shooting an episode inside the abandoned Collingwood Psychiatric Hospital, where unexplained phenomena has been reported for years. All in the name of good television, they voluntarily lock themselves inside the building for the night and begin a paranormal investigation, capturing everything on camera. They quickly realize that the building is more than just haunted - it is alive - and it has no intention of ever letting them leave. They find themselves lost in a labyrinth of endless hallways and corridors, terrorized by the ghosts of the former patients. They soon begin to question their own sanity, slipping deeper and deeper into the depths of madness, ultimately discovering the truth behind the hospital's dark past... and taping what will be their final episode.
The Vicious Brothers, Sean Rogerson, Juan Riedinger, Ashleigh Gryzko, Mackenzie Gray
Suspense Horror


Kunal, an orphaned boy, discovers how cruel life is when he is abandoned by his heartless uncle. Left to fend for himself, Kunal soon realizes the hero within and begins his epic journey of adventure and transformation to become Zokkomon.
Satyajit Bhatkal
Action Adventure

Fly Away NR

Based on the award-winning short Flying Lessons, Fly Away tells the moving story of a single mother, Jeanne, grappling with the challenge of raising her autistic teenage daughter, Mandy. As Mandy becomes more and more unmanageable, so too does Jeanne's life. Over the period of two weeks, Jeanne is confronted with the most difficult decision a parent can make: to let go, allowing her child to grow, but also grow apart, or to hold on tight and fall together.
Janet Grillo, JR Bourne, Beth Broderick, Greg Germann, Elaine Hall

Legend of the Fist: The Return of Chen Zhen R

Seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, a mysterious stranger arrives from overseas and befriends a local mafia boss. That man is a disguised Chen Zhen, who intends to infiltrate the mob when they form an alliance with the Japanese. Disguising himself as a caped fighter by night, Chen intends to take out everyone involved as well as get his hands on an assassination list prepared by the Japanese.
Donnie Yen, Andrew Lau, Shu Qi
Drama Action Foreign

POM Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold PG-13

Morgan Spurlock examines the world of advertising by making a film financed entirely by product placement.
Morgan Spurlock, Keith Calder, Jeremy Chilnick

The Scenesters R

A director loses funding for his avant-garde documentary and takes a job as a crime-scene videographer. He meets a crime-scene cleaner who begins finding key clues in a series of hipster killings missed by the apathetic detectives assigned to the case.
Sherilyn Fenn, Todd Berger

Applause R

Recovering alcoholic stage actress, Thea Barfoed (Paprika Steen) has gone through turmoil. Having divorced her husband, Christian (Michael Falch), and relinquished custody of their two boys during her heavy drinking days, Thea wants to start over. As her past alcohol use and indiscretions still haunt her, the reality of a new beginning seems bleak. Thea uses her inner actress's charm and manipulation to convince her ex-husband that she is fully recovered and capable of being a good mother to their children; however, she hasn't completely convinced herself. On stage, Thea plays the binge drinking, ostentatious Martha in "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?" Ironically, her stage character bears an uncanny resemblance to her personal life. As her alcoholism and past regrets hang in the balance, Thea must decide whether to confront her inner demons or to let the show go on.
Martin Zandvliet, Paprika Steen, Michael Falch, Sara-Marie Maltha, Shanti Roney

The Warring States

A historical epic about rival military strategists, Sun Bin and Pang Juan, two students of military strategy who fought for supremacy during China’s Warring States Period.
Jin Chen
Drama War

The Arbor

The true story of Bradford playwright Andrea Dunbar (The Arbor, Rita, Sue and Bob Too) and her daughter Lorraine.
Clio Barnard, Kate Rutter, Christine Bottomley
Biography Documentary

Fast Five PG-13

No plot details have been announced.
Tyrese Gibson, Tania Landau, Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Chris Morgan, Amanda Lewis, Justin Lin, Neal H. Moritz
Action Adventure Sequel

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night PG-13

An ex-cop turned private investigator, is one of the few living humans to know the truth about the supernatural beings that exist on the fringes of the modern world. He takes on cases involving vampires, werewolves, zombies, and other strange creatures -- sometimes as adversaries, and sometimes as clients. He always gets his man—alive, dead, or undead.
Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Jay Burns, Taye Diggs, Kevin Munroe, Aaron Severson, Randy Greenberg, Joshua Oppenheimer, Tom Donnelly
Comedy Suspense Horror Remake
In Theaters
3 / 5
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Prom PG

A comedy that revolves around a group of teens prepping for the big dance.
Justin Springer, Thomas McDonell, Joe Nussbaum, Ted Griffin, Katie Wech, Aimee Teegarden, Danielle Campbell, Nolan Sotillo
Comedy Teen

Hoodwinked Too! Hood vs. Evil PG

"Hood vs. Evil" will find a teen Red training in a distant land with a mysterious, covert group called Sisters of the Hood. She is then called upon by Nicky Flippers—head of the Happily Ever After Agency—who teams her with the Wolf to investigate the disappearance of Hansel and Gretel. The character of Granny, and the rest of the "Hoodwinked" gang, also return and are joined by new characters.
Bill Hader, Hayden Panettiere, David K. Lovegren, Maurice Kanbar, Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards, Tony Leech, Glenn Close
Adventure Sequel Family Kids Animation

13 Assassins R

Set at the end of Japan's feudal era in which a group of unemployed samurai are enlisted to bring down a sadistic lord and prevent him from ascending to the throne and plunging the country into a war-torn future.
Takashi Miike, Koji Yakusho
Action Remake
New York / Los Angeles
3 / 5
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Cave of Forgotten Dreams G

Documentary about the Chauvet caves in Southern France that contain the oldest known cave paintings.
Werner Herzog
Documentary 3D Shot-In-3D

Exporting Raymond PG

Follows Phil Rosenthal as he travels to Russia to meet about doing a local version of "Everybody Loves Raymond."
Phil Rosenthal
Comedy Documentary

earthwork PG

The story of real-life crop artist Stan Herd. In 1994, Stan traveled from Kansas to New York City and risked everything to create a massive environmental artwork on land owned by Donald Trump. The multi-acre piece was made from soil, rock, plants and vegetation near an underground railway tunnel.
Chris Ordal, John Hawkes

Sympathy for Delicious R

A paralyzed DJ, "Delicious" Dean O'Dwyer, struggling to survive in his wheelchair on the streets of Los Angeles, turns to faith-healing and mysteriously acquires the ability to cure the sick -- although not himself. A Jesuit priest tries to help him come to terms with the limits of his gift, while a rock singer in a band tries to exploit the suddenly famous healer.
Orlando Bloom, Juliette Lewis, Andrea Sperling, Matthew Weaver, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Thornton, Laura Linney, Noah Emmerich
Drama Comedy

That's What I Am

Andy Nichol, a happy 12-year-old with friends, a paper route, and a crush, idolizes his favorite teacher, Mr. Simon. However, when Mr. Simon pairs Andy with Big Red, the frequently bullied school outcast, for a lengthy English assignment, Andy fears being relegated to geek status. While navigating the ups and down of 8th grade, Andy learns to appreciate Big Red’s quiet dignity and compassion, stands up to a bully, and helps Big Red repair a fractured friendship.
Mike Pavone, Ed Harris, Randy Orton, Chase Ellison, Daniel Roebuck, Molly Parker, Mia Rose Frampton, Amy Madigan
Drama Comedy

Lebanon, Pa. PG-13

Will, a charming 35-year-old Philadelphia ad man, heads to Lebanon, Pa. to bury his recently deceased father. He forms an unexpected friendship with CJ, his bright, newly pregnant 17-year-old cousin. As Will becomes interested in CJ's married teacher and CJ confronts her conflicted father, both struggle with formidable decisions about the path their lives will take.
Ben Hickernell, Samantha Mathis