Movies Released April 12, 2023

Wednesday, April 12

100 mins

Beautiful Disaster R

Follows a college good-girl Abby Abernathy, who doesn’t drink or swear. Her romantic foil is Travis Maddox makes a bet with Abernathy: If Abernathy wins, he must abstain from sex for a month; if she loses, she must live with him for a month.
Brian Pitt, Dylan Sprouse, Mark Clayman, Rob Estes, Roger Kumble, Virginia Gardner, Austin North, Libe Barer
Drama Adaptation Teen

Sick of Myself

Signe and Thomas are in an unhealthy, competitive relationship that takes a vicious turn when Thomas suddenly breaks through as a contemporary artist. In response, Signe makes a desperate attempt to regain her status by creating a new persona hell-bent on attracting attention and sympathy.
Eirik Sæther, Kristoffer Borgli, Kristine Kujath Thorp, Fanny Vaager, Sarah Francesca Brænne, Fredrik Stenberg Ditlev-Simonsen, Steinar Klouman Hallert, Andrea Bræin Hovig

Wednesday, April 12