Movies Released April 9, 2024

Tuesday, April 9

North of Normal

After being raised in the wilderness, a teenage girl moves to the city hoping for a normal life with her anything but normal mother.
Sarah Gadon, James D’Arcy, Amanda Fix, River Price-Maenpaa, Benedict Samuel, Robert Carlyle


A newly married couple moves into their home in the suburbs and are warmly welcomed by their neighbors, one of whom takes a dangerous interest in the husband. While his wife is away, they spend an intimate moment together and then agree to keep their distance. But Becky (Larissa Dali) inserts herself into every aspect of his life, wreaking havoc on his marriage and job until the final, explosive confrontation.
Larissa Dali, Justin Milton, Ray Khan, Marvin Young, Folusha Peters, Clay Pool
Thriller Suspense

Brandy Hellville & The Cult of Fast Fashion

An HBO Original Documentary that uncovers the toxic origins and culture of the teen brand and the global ramifications of mass-produced clothing.
Eva Orner

Ink & Linda

The story of the unexpected friendship and collaboration between an urban artist in his 20s and a dancer in her 70s as they team up to form LA’s most unlikely street art duo.
Stuart C. Paul

Wes Is Dying

After finding out their best friend Wes is dying, filmmakers Parker and Devin realize they can use this opportunity to make an award-winning documentary that will finally help them make it big in Hollywood. As they hit the road to document their journey to see Wes one last time, their missteps and interpersonal troubles threaten to derail the movie and ruin their friendship in the process.
D'Arcy Carden, Mark Duplass, Devin Das, Parker Seaman, Wes Schlagenhauf

Tuesday, April 9