Movies Released August 26, 2022

Friday, August 26

99 mins

Samaritan PG-13

Described as a dark, fresh take on the superhero genre.
Moises Arias, Pilou Asbæk, Sylvester Stallone, Bragi Schut, Julius Avery, Braden Aftergood, Javon Walton, Martin Starr
Action Superhero
103 mins

Breaking PG-13

When Marine Veteran Brian Brown-Easley is denied support from Veterans Affairs, financially desperate and running out of options, he takes a bank and several of its employees hostage, setting the stage for a tense confrontation with the police. Based on the true story.
John Boyega, Michael Kenneth Williams, Abi Damaris Corbin, Kwame Kwei-Armah, Nicole Beharie, Connie Britton, Olivia Washington, Selenis Leyva
Drama True Story
118 mins

Three Thousand Years Of Longing R

The plot is unknown. Said to be an "epic love story".
Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton, George Miller, Doug Mitchell, Victor Hadida, Dean Hood, Craig McMahon, Kevin Sun
Drama Fantasy Romance

The Invitation PG-13

A young woman attends a lavish destination wedding, unaware of the horrors that await.
Garrett Hedlund, Emile Gladstone, Jessica M. Thompson, Blair Butler, Nathalie Emmanuel, Hugh Skinner, Stephanie Corneliussen, Sean Pertwee
Thriller Suspense Horror
101 mins

Kai NR

Kai Greene is one of the biggest modern day legends in bodybuilding both on and off the stage. He's an athlete, an artist, an actor, and an entrepreneur. But his journey to greatness first started in childhood - when he chose bodybuilding as a form of survival. Growing up in Brooklyn without parents and later locked up in a juvenile correctional facility, bodybuilding became Kai’s source of hope that eventually took him to stardom. Later in life Kai became one of the most recognizable faces in the fitness industry, praised by Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. His talent was only matched by one singular opponent, his rival and Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath. Now witness Kai Greene’s story of survival and climb to success in the first ever all-access documentary chronicling his life and career into the sport of bodybuilding and beyond.
Vlad Yudin
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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Me Time

Described as a female road comedy in the same vein as Planes, Trains and Automobiles.
Mark Wahlberg, Kevin Hart, Jimmy O. Yang., Will Packer, Erica Oyama, Regina Hall, John Hamburg, Bryan Smiley

Out of the Blue

A contemporary tale of passion, deceit, and violence. When Connor (Nicholson) meets enigmatic beauty Marilyn (Kruger), her seductive charm transforms his dull life into a thrilling fantasy world. He plunges headlong into the adulterous affair, the ex-con with a heart of gold seemingly destined for the raven-haired trophy wife. The only hitch in their idyllic new life together? Marilyn’s trapped in a nightmare with an abusive husband and vulnerable stepdaughter.
Diane Kruger, Neil LaBute, Hank Azaria, Ray Nicholson, Gia Crovatin

Into the Deep

In this intense action-thriller, Jess (Ella-Rae Smith) is swept off her feet by a mysterious stranger named Ben (Matthew Daddario), who takes her to his boat that’s docked nearby. Dangerously adrift miles from shore, their romance is interrupted when Lexie (Jessica Alexander) shows up, and soon the three get wasted and play sexy games. When the party takes a sudden turn for the worse, it’s clear that either Ben or Lexie is a dangerous liar. In the explosive climax, Jess must decide which one to help...and which one to destroy.
Matthew Daddario, Kate Cox, Ella-Rae Smith, Jessica Alexander
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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120 mins

The Good Boss

Básculas Blanco, a Spanish company producing industrial scales in a provincial Spanish town, awaits the imminent visit from a committee which holds its fate in their hands as to whether they merit a local Business Excellence award. Everything has to be perfect when the time comes. Working against the clock, the company’s proprietor, Blanco (Bardem) pulls out all the stops to address and resolve issues with his employees, crossing every imaginable line in the process.
Javier Bardem, Fernando León de Aranoa
Drama Comedy

Jane R

When Olivia is deferred from her dream college she begins to spiral. To regain control, she embarks on a social media war against those in her way, but as things escalate, she is forced to embrace her darkest impulses to get ahead.
Melissa Leo, Amie MacKenzie, Sabrina Jaglom, Rishi Rajani, Madelaine Petsch, Chloe Bailey, Chloe Yu, NinaQuezada Bloomgarden
Action Thriller
86 mins

Maneater R

What better place to drown your sorrows than an idyllic island paradise? That was the idea when Jesse’s friends convinced her to not let a broken engagement stand in the way of enjoying her prepaid honeymoon. Their sorrows weren’t the only thing going to drown on their trip especially with a man-eating shark swimming just below the surface.
Nicky Whelan, Trace Adkins, Justin Lee, Shane West, Jeff Fahey
90 mins

Highway One

In rural California, Anna (Marié Botha) is hosting a New Year's Eve party. Nina (Juliette Labelle), a long-gone friend from high school unexpectedly shows up, bringing out the sexual yearnings of Maria (Aisha Fabienne Ross). Over the course of the evening, Maria struggles with her new found feelings and facing the partygoers: a gaggle of eccentric millennials.
Ivy George, Aisha Fabienne Ross, Juliette Labelle, Jaclyn Bethany, Stella Baker, Bailey Edwards, Sadie Scott, Belle Aykroyd
Drama Romance


A tale of two eras, ALIENOID follows two Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392) gurus seeking a legendary, time-bending blade as they unexpectedly cross paths with modern-era people hunting down a dangerous alien concealed inside a human’s body.
Kim Woo-bin, Choi Dong-hoon, Ryu Jun-Yeol, Kim Tae-ri
Action Sci-Fi

Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby R

Untrapped tells rapper Lil Baby's story, and details his meteoric rise to become the most dominant name in the rap game. While still a teenager, Baby— known to friends and family as Dominique Armani Jones— was one of the most notorious figures in the streets of West Atlanta, before he was arrested and sent to prison. After his release in 2016, he faced a hard choice: Return to the fast money of the streets, or take a chance that his charisma and untested talent could bring him success as a rapper. In 2020, his second album, My Turn, was the year’s top seller across all genres of music. Today, Lil Baby is a devoted father to his two young boys and a powerful voice in the fight for racial justice and police reform. Untrapped: The Story of Lil Baby chronicles the astonishing rise of a singular artist and activist, and explores the systemic oppression that keeps far too many people of color from participating in the American Dream.
Karam Gill
Documentary Music
87 mins

The Last Journey of Paul W. R.

The red moon threatens our existence on earth. Our only hope is the enigmatic Paul WR, the most talented astronaut of its generation. But few hours before the start of the Great mission, Paul disappeared.
Jean Reno, Romain Quirot, Hugo Becker, Paul Hamy
Adventure Sci-Fi

Private Desert

“Remember when we talked about being alone in the world?” Sara is a genderfluid blue-collar worker who lives as her male birth identity Robson by day while caring for her religious grandmother in Sobradinho, a small town in the northeast of Brazil. Daniel, who teaches in a police academy in southern metropolis Curitiba, has been placed on unpaid leave after a violent incident that’s all over the news. The only thing holding him together is his online romance with Sara, whom he has never met in person. When she suddenly disappears, Daniel drives 2,000 miles across Brazil to find her. He posts Sara’s picture all over town but no one recognizes her, until he receives a mysterious call from someone claiming to know her and asking to meet. What follows is a journey of the heart that will change Sara and Daniel forever.
Thomas Aquino, Zezita De Matos, Aly Muritiba, Antonio Saboia, Pedro Fasanaro, Laila Garin, Sandro Guerra, Luthero De Almeida
Drama Romance

Adopting Audrey

Fired from her seventh job in two years and estranged from her family, Audrey (Jenna Malone) is restless and dwells in a distinctly modern solitude, relying on YouTube for companionship. After falling down a video rabbit hole, she discovers the world of adult adoption and decides to try it herself in hopes of finding a sense of belonging. Audrey soon finds is an adoptive family whose dysfunction mirrors her own, allowing her to form an unlikely bond with the cantankerous patriarch, Otto (Robert Hunger-Bühler), who is seemingly as cold as she is courteous.
M. Cahill, Jena Malone, Robert Hunger-Bühler, Emily Kuroda, Will Rogers, Brooke Bloom
87 mins

Funny Pages R

When Robert, a high school student and aspiring cartoonist, rejects the comforts of suburban life, dropping out and leaving home, he finds an unwilling teacher and unwitting friend in Wallace—a former underground comic legend—in this bitingly funny and playfully twisted coming-of-age story.
Owen Kline, Daniel Zolghadri, Matthew Mahe, Andy Milonakis, Maria Dizzia, Josh Pais
Drama Comedy

Friday, August 26