Movies Released August 11, 2023

Friday, August 11

The Last Voyage of the Demeter R

The crew members of a boat transporting Dracula are mysteriously picked off one by one.
Stefan Kapicic, David Dastmalchian, Javier Botet, André Øvredal, Nicolo Pasetti, Mike Medavoy, Arnold Messer, Bradley J. Fischer
Thriller Suspense Horror Adaptation Vampires

The Pod Generation PG-13

The Pod Generation follows Rachel (Clarke) and Alvy (Ejiofor), a New York couple who are ready to start a family. As a rising tech company executive, Rachel lands a coveted spot at the Womb Center, which offers couples the opportunity to share pregnancy on a more equal footing by way of mobile, artificial wombs, or pods. Alvy, a botanist and devoted purist about the natural environment, has doubts, but his love for Rachel prompts him to take a leap of faith. And so, begins the wild ride on their tech-paved path to parenthood.
Chiwetel Ejiofor, Sophie Barthes, Emilia Clarke, Rosalie Craig, Vinette Robinson, Jean-Marc Barr

3 Days in Malay R

Inspired by a true story, Marines stationed at an airfield in Malay during WWII get wind of a coming raid by the Japanese. Unable to get reinforcements approved, they engage in a harrowing 3-day battle against enemy forces.
Louis Mandylor, Ryan Francis, Cowboy Cerrone, Peter Dobson, Randall J. Bacon, Quinton Rampage Jackson
Action War

Gran Turismo PG-13

No plot details have been announced.
Orlando Bloom, Michael De Luca, Jason Hall, Archie Madekwe, Mariano González, Nikhil Parmar, Dana Brunetti, Doug Belgrad
Drama Action True Story Based on Game

Jules PG-13

The story of Milton, a man living a simple life in a small town. One day, a UFO crashes in his backyard with an extraterrestrial inside, whom he names "Jules." As Milton befriends Jules, things get complicated when their neighbors find out and the government gets involved. Despite the challenges, Milton, Jules, and their neighbors find meaning and connection through this unexpected encounter later in life.
Harriet Sansom Harris, Jane Curtin, Marc Turtletaub, Gavin Steckler, Ben Kingsley, Zoe Winters, Jade Quon
Comedy Sci-Fi

Inside Man

Based on true events, Inside Man follows a disgraced police detective seeking redemption by going undercover to expose a violent and bloody crime syndicate. But as he sinks deeper into the mob and more bodies drop, the price for absolution may be higher than he can afford.
Emile Hirsch, Danny A. Abeckaser, Jake Cannavale, Bo Dietl, Kyle Stefanski, Lucy Hale, Ashley Greene, Vincent Laresca
Thriller Crime

Heart of Stone PG-13

Rachel Stone (Gal Gadot) is an intelligence operative, the only woman who stands between her powerful, global, peace-keeping organization and the loss of its most valuable — and dangerous — asset.
Sophie Okonedo, Gal Gadot, David Ellison, Greg Rucka, Tom Harper, Dana Goldberg, Don Granger, Allison Schroeder
Thriller Spy

Match Me If You Can

Kip Parsons, a talented computer nerd, is rejected by an online dating service as “unmatchable.” After her online blog about her humiliating status goes viral, Kip quickly becomes the reluctant spokesperson for all the frustrated singles out there. There's just one problem: the dating service swears they didn't reject her and she becomes the target of a kangaroo court.
Kanwar Singh, Marian Yeager, Monica Lund, Betsy Morris, Georgina Reilly, Wilson Bethel, Brian George, Billy Armstrong
Comedy Romance
104 mins

Aporia R

A sci-fi drama with time-travel elements.
Judy Greer, Payman Maadi, Jared Moshe, Edi Gathegi
Drama Sci-Fi

Medusa Deluxe R

A murder mystery set in a competitive hairdressing competition.
Louise Palmkvist Hansen, Heider Ali, Luke Pasqualino, Tom Hardiman, Michael Elliott, Anita-Joy Uwajeh, Clare Perksins, Darrell D’Silva
Drama Mystery

Red, White & Royal Blue R

Centers on the son of the president of the United States, and his relationship with Prince Henry, grandson of the Queen of England.
Greg Berlanti, Clifton Collins Jr., Ellie Bamber, Uma Thurman, Ted Malawer, Nicholas Galitzine, Sarah Shahi, Matthew López
Drama Romance LGBTQIA+

Go West

The original cast of the comedy tv show, Studio C, has made a movie! GO WEST tells the tale of two sisters traveling the Oregon Trail, and the hardships they endure traveling from Illinois to Oregon in the 1800s. A combination of a crazy cast of characters, a long and arduous journey, filled with harsh elements and sickness and death, this family comedy adventure pits the fragile group of handcart travelers against each other, traveling thousands of miles to find a place to call home.
Jason Gray, Stephen Meek, Mallory Everton, Jeremy Warner, Adam Berg, Whitney Call, Stacey Harkey, Natalie Madsen

King Coal

A lyrical tapestry of a place and people, King Coal meditates on the complex history & future of the coal industry, the communities it has shaped, and myths it has created. Elaine McMillion Sheldon reshapes the boundaries of documentary filmmaking in a spectacularly beautiful & deeply moving immersion into Central Appalachia where coal is not just a resource, but a way of life, imagining the ways a community can re-envision itself. While deeply situated in the regions under the reign of "King Coal", where she has lived & worked her entire life, the film transcends time and place, emphasizing the ways in which all are connected through an immersive mosaic of belonging, ritual, imagination. Emerging from the shadows of the coal mines, King Coal untangles the pain from the beauty, and it illuminates our capacity for change.
Elaine McMillion Sheldon, Lanie Marsh, Gabrielle Wilson, Doy Leon Russell, Heather Hannah
107 mins

Between Two Worlds

Tells the story of Marianne Winckler, a well-known author, who goes to live in northern France to research a new book on the subject of precarious working conditions. Without revealing her true identity, she is hired as a cleaner, working with a group of other women. In this new role, she experiences first-hand the financial instability and social invisibility of the ‘gig economy'. But she also discovers mutual assistance and solidarity amongst this fraternity of working-class women. As she becomes more entwined in the community and strikes up a close friendship with a woman called Christèle, she begins to question the ethics of the deception in the name of her writing.
Juliette Binoche, Emmanuel Carrère, Hélène Lampert, Louise Pociecka, Steve Papagiannis, Aude Ruyter, Jérémy Lechevallier
Drama Adaptation
New York / Los Angeles
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King on Screen

1976, Brian de Palma directs Carrie, the first novel by Stephen King. Since then, more than 50 directors have adapted the master of horror's books, in more than 80 films & series, making him the most adapted author alive in the world. What is so fascinating about his work that filmmakers cannot stop adapting his works? King on Screen reunites the filmmakers that have adapted Stephen King's books for both cinema & TV, including Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption, The Green Mile, The Walking Dead), Mick Garris (The Stand, Sleepwalkers), Tom Holland (The Langoliers, Chucky) & Taylor Hackford (Dolores Claiborne, Ray). It is a movie made for the fans and with the fans, led by an international ambition.
Daphné Baiwir

Love Life

Taeko and her husband Jiro are living a peaceful existence with her young son Keita, when a tragic accident brings the boy’s long-lost father, Park, back into her life. To cope with her pain and guilt, Taeko throws herself into helping Park, who is deaf and currently homeless.
Win Morisaki, Fumino Kimura, Kôji Fukada, Tomorô Taguchi

The Eternal Memory

Augusto and Paulina have been together and in love for 25 years. Eight years ago, their lives were forever changed by Augusto’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis. As one of Chile’s most prominent cultural commentators and television presenters, Augusto is no stranger to building an archive of memory. Now he turns that work to his own life, trying to hold on to his identity with the help of his beloved Paulina, whose own pre-eminence as a famous actress and Chilean Minister of Culture predates her ceaselessly inventive manner of engaging with her husband. Day by day, the couple face this challenge head-on, relying on the tender affection and sense of humor shared between them that remains, remarkably, fully intact.
Maite Alberdi, Augusto Góngora, Digav Aaditya Singh Rajput, Paulina Urrutia

Friday, August 11