Movies Coming Out December 2021

Monday, December 27

Silent Night

An extended British family has a Christmas dinner in a country setting.
Matthew Vaughn, Matthew Goode, Trudie Styler, Roman Griffin Davis, Camille Griffin, Celine Rattray, Keira Knightley, Annabelle Wallis
Drama Comedy Holiday


On the eve of Y2K, orphaned 12-year-old Beverly discovers a broken mixtape crafted by her teen parents. Raised by her grandmother (Julie Bowen)—who struggles talking about her late daughter—Beverly sees the mixtape as a chance to finally learn more about her parents.
Audrey Hsieh, Jim Wedaa, Trudie Styler, Julie Bowen, Nick Thune, Jennie Lee, Valerie Weiss, Celine Rattray
Drama Music Coming-of-Age

Single All The Way

Desperate to avoid his family’s judgment, Peter (Michael Urie) enlists his best friend (Philemon Chambers) to be his faux-boyfriend for the holidays. But when Peter’s mother (Kathy Najimy) preemptively sets him up on a blind date, the plan goes awry.
Kathy Najimy, Philemon Chambers, Michael Urie
Romance Holiday

Back to the Outback

Tired of humans gawking at them like they’re monsters, a ragtag group of Australia’s deadliest creatures plot a daring escape from their zoo to the Outback, a place where they’ll fit in without being judged for their scales and fangs.
Celeste Barber, Eric Bana, Isla Fisher, Guy Pearce, Miranda Tapsell, Akiva Goldsman, Harry Cripps, Clare Knight
Adventure Family Animation CG

Monday, December 27