Movies Released December 27, 2022

Tuesday, December 27

Two Dash One One

TWO DASH ONE ONE tells the story of what happens when two young lovers -- after being torn apart by a tragic accident -- are forced to reexamine their relationship when they are reunited in the afterlife. Marnie and April are happily in love, until a tragic accident tears them apart. Reunited in the afterlife, they’re given a second chance at their happily ever after, but there are still challenges to face. Stuck in an eternal and unchanging version of their beloved vacation cabin, the women struggle to find life amidst the monotony, but they have to face some hard truths to find their happily ever after.
Nate Hapke, Mackenzie Breeden, Allie Leonard
103 mins

Head Rush NR

A man dying of a terminal illness receives an experimental medical treatment and soon discovers he has superhuman powers. But the origins of the treatment are intertwined in a dark history that becomes unraveled in his life.
Victor Vu, Kay Nguyen, Doan Nhat Nam, Cuong Seven, Tran Thi Nha Phuong, Ngoc Anh Vu
Action Thriller
93 mins

Broadway Rising NR

There is no New York without Broadway. It’s both a landmark and a community, an industry and a people. During the pandemic, over 96,000 people lost their jobs, and an entire industry was brought to a standstill. Broadway Rising tells the story of the Broadway community and its harrowing journey back to the stage following the COVID-19 shutdown. Herculean challenges are not new to Broadway. It has weathered 9/11; the arrival of the motion picture industry; and the devastation of AIDS on a generation of artists. Even amidst the pandemic, many Broadway organizations helped forge a path towards racial equity in the wake of BLM movement. But when employees whose livelihoods depend upon Broadway found themselves unemployed – it was a steep hill to climb back to opening night. This is their story, from early quiet moments of anxiety and self-reflection, to the determination that “the show must go on,” and finally the triumph of September 12, 2021; opening night.
Amy Rice, Sam Bisbee, Justin Mikita, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Christopher G. Cowen
Documentary Event

Tuesday, December 27