Movies Released February 4, 2022

Friday, February 4

120 mins

Moonfall PG-13

A group of people must save the earth when the moon falls out of orbit and hurdles toward earth.
Michael Pena, Patrick Wilson, Donald Sutherland, John Bradley, Harald Kloser, Roland Emmerich, Spencer Cohen, Josh Gad
Action Adventure Thriller Sci-Fi

Jackass Forever

Almost 10 years after their final film, Johnny Knoxville and his team gear up for a new installment of Jackass.
Chris Pontius, Steve-O, Jeff Tremaine, Bam Margera, Ehren McGhehey, Spike Jonze, Johnny Knoxville, Jason 'Wee Man' Acuña
Action Comedy

Last Survivors

Last Survivors takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where Troy (Stephen Moyer) raised his now grown son, Jake (Drew Van Acker), in a perfect wooded utopia thousands of miles away from the decayed cities. When Troy is severely wounded, Jake is forced to travel to the outside world to find life-saving medicine. Ordered to kill any humans he encounters, Jake defies his father by engaging in a forbidden relationship with a mysterious woman, Henrietta (Alicia Silverstone). As Jake continues this dangerous affair, Troy will do anything to get rid of Henrietta and protect the perfect utopia he created.
Stephen Moyer, Drew Mylrea, Drew Van Acker, Alicia Silverstone
Thriller Sci-Fi

The Wolf and the Lion

A headstrong music student from New York unexpectedly discovers a lost lion cub and an endangered female wolf.
Gilles de Maistre, Prune de Maistre, Catherine Camborde, Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Charlie Carrick
Adventure Family Nature

Through My Window

Raquel has had a longtime crush on her hot neighbor, Ares, whom she secretly watches but has never spoken to. Can she make Ares fall in love with her?
Pilar Castro, Marcal Fores, Clara Galle, Hugo Arbues
83 mins

Alone with You NR

As a young woman painstakingly prepares a romantic homecoming for her girlfriend, their apartment begins to feel more like a tomb when voices, shadows, and hallucinations reveal a truth she has been unwilling to face.
Barbara Crampton, Emma Myles, Emily Bennett, Justin Brooks, Dora Madison
91 mins

The Long Night R

While searching for the parents she’s never known, New York transplant Grace (Scout Taylor-Compton) returns to her childhood southern stomping grounds with her boyfriend (Nolan Gerard Funk) to investigate a promising lead on her family’s whereabouts. Upon arrival, the couple’s weekend takes a bizarre, terrifying turn as a nightmarish cult and their maniacal leader terrorize the pair en route to fulfilling a twisted ancient apocalyptic prophecy.
Rich Ragsdale, Scout Taylor-Compton, Nolan Gerard Funk, Deborah Kara Unger
111 mins

Last Looks R

A brilliant ex-detective goes rogue.
Mel Gibson, Charlie Hunnam, Dominic Monaghan, Clancy Brown, Tim Kirkby, Andrew Lazar, Christina Weiss Lurie, Steve Shainberg
Action Comedy Thriller Adaptation

Book of Love

Young, uptight English writer Henry’s novels sell to no one. But his latest book is a surprise hit in Mexico – and when he goes there to promote it, he discovers why: his Spanish translator Maria has rewritten his dull book as an erotic novel. Henry is furious, and even more so when his publisher secretly arranges a book tour across Mexico for the pair, and enlists Maria to co-write the steamy sequel. Sparks fly when the two find themselves unwittingly attracted to each other, despite their best attempts to remain at odds.
Michael Knowles, Sam Claflin, Analeine Cal y Mayor, David Quantick, Veronica Echegui, Antonia Clarke, Horacio Garcia Rojas, Giovani Florido
Comedy Romance Romantic Comedy
127 mins

The Worst Person In The World R

A modern dramedy about the quest for love and meaning in contemporary Oslo. It chronicles four years in the life of Julie (Reinsve), a young woman who navigates the troubled waters of her love life and struggles to find her career path, leading her to take a realistic look at who she really is.
Maria Grazia Di Meo, Joachim Trier, Renate Reinsve, Anders Danielsen Lie, Herbert Nordrum, Hans Olav Brenner
Drama Comedy
99 mins

The Other Me

Irakli (Jim Sturgess) is a young aspiring architect thrown into turmoil when diagnosed with a debilitating eye disease. As his condition worsens, a surreal visual world opens up to him causing him to question his life’s choices, his career, and his marriage to an increasingly frustrated Nutsa (Antonia Campbell-Hughes) who struggles with her loyalties to her husband and the realities of daily survival. As his condition worsens, Irakli meets Nino (Andreja Pejic), a beautiful artist who lives alone in the forest. She becomes his artistic muse and they form a deep connection that turns from fascination to infatuation to love. They speak in poetic language and understand each other completely. Meanwhile Nutsa works three jobs and is influenced by her new boss, a socialite from America who similarly is trapped in a tumultuous marriage.
Michael Socha, Andreja Pejic, Jim Sturgess, Giga Agladze, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Rhona Mitra, Orla Brady, Billy Barratt

Air Doll

A present-day fable for the increasing disconnect we find in urban life, Hirokazu Kore-eda’s Air Doll transports the Galatea myth to present day Tokyo. When an inflatable sex doll named Nozomi (Bae Doona) finds that she has grown consciousness and a heart, she begins to wander the city in quiet awe and fascination. As she takes on a new life of her own, Nozomi also discovers the innate complexities of being human, including the heartbreak of loneliness. Joining forces with cinematographer Mark Lee Ping-Bing (In The Mood for Love), Kore-eda’s intimate direction relays the struggles of finding human connection in the mess of modern society.
Hirokazu Kore-eda, Bae Doona, Arata Iura, Itsuji Itao
Drama Romance

My Best Friend Anne Frank

Based on the real-life friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar, from Nazi-occupied Amsterdam to their harrowing reunion in a concentration camp.
Ben Sombogaart, Josephine Arendsen, Aiko Mila Beemsterboer, Roeland Fernhout
87 mins

Lingui, The Sacred Bonds NR

On the outskirts of the capital of Chad, determined single mother Amina works tirelessly to provide for herself and her 15-year old daughter Maria. When Amina discovers Maria is pregnant and does not want a child, the two women begin to seek out an abortion, condemned by both religion and law.
Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Achouackh Abakar, Rihane Khalil Alio, Youssouf Djaoro, Briya Gomdigue, Hadje Fatime N'Goua

Friday, February 4